“RELENTLESS BIP EMPIRE” double album, 30th and 31st BipTunia Album – Listen Free


DOUBLE ALBUM. Fine mix. https://www.freedomfeens.com/_BUSPROOF/MP3s/2019/09/BipTunia_Album-31_32_Fine_cut_A.mp3

Run time: 130 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes).

One file, 113 megs.

Download single MP3 of whole album HERE.

Download lyric and notes PDF.

Song player.


  1. Kip Bip Empire Overture
  2. Screaming to Know You’re Still Alive
  3. Trip to the Rogue Morgue
  4. Good Trip Her Time Her (Corn Pop)
  5. Otter Shimmer Shake
  6. While The Beam Was in the Shop
  7. Second to the Shadow of Your Genome (Relentless Bip Empire 1)
  8. Relentless Bip Empire Remembered 2
  9. Relentless Bip Empire Remembered 3
  10. Makes The Melvin Sound Like Speed Metal (inst.)

The microtonal song on this album is “Good Trip Her Time Her” (Bohlen-Pierce Lambda)


–Michael W. Dean: Music, words, some voice.
–Phil Wormuth: Most voice, words.

Additional vocals:
— Kip Cameron on “Kip Bip Empire Overture.”
–Debra Dean on “Otter Shimmer Shake.”


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