“ONE FOR THE BARN CATS” – 50th album by BipTunia. Listen free

Release date: November 26, 2020
Run time: 112 minutes.
All instruments Michael W. Dean.

This is the 49th and 50th album by BipTunia. It is all instrumental.

Notes and info PDF.(coming soon)

Track list:

1. Life at the South Pole
2. He Works at the Business Factory
3. Panic at 16th and Mission
4. Sing the Winter Down
5. Through the Terrascope
6. Huygens on Titan
7. Time Best Spent
8. Unexplained Brush-Off
9. Vermont Woods 1979
10. What the Cat Sees that We Don’t
11. One for the Barn Cats
12. Grab Any Unused Chautauqua Practice Studio Piano

No songs on this are microtonal.


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