Why We Torrent, or How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Liberty Ladies


Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how prostitution would work in a truly free market (i.e. in the MARKET), the non-aggression principle, Homeless man grateful for boots, but barefoot again and wants money for being on the internets, The TSA stealing an old man’s property, Michael’s 80s punk band The Beef People, how Anarchy Gumbo is blocked in Iran and in the US at McDonalds, Mistress Ilsa and Michael, and WHY THE FEENS WANT YOU TO TORRENT. Also, how Michael’s friendĀ Kurt Lehovec (RIP) invented the Internet. (Kurt’s life story and poems here.)

Kurt Lehovec in Michael Dean’s Los Angeles apartment in 2004. Photo by Michael W. Dean. License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0.

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4 Responses to Why We Torrent, or How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Liberty Ladies

  1. Kyle Bennett says:

    Just catching up on listening to this… I would suggest that the reason to start becoming familar with Linux is the same as the reasoning in your next cast about PGP email (and the general advice about gun competence): learn it before you need it.

    If TSHTF, or if the government clamps down, Windows (and Mac) will be non-viable for anything not officially approved by the Central Scritinizer. Among the things either no longer available or hard to get, or that would subject you to increased scrutinizing, will be Linux, open source programs, and information about them.

    I don’t suggest eliminating Windows use. I use it, though as I get more accustomed to Linux I find myself using Windows less and less. If Windows serves your needs, keep using it as long as you can. Have a backup for when you can’t.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      This is possibly the sanest and most sensible “why you should use linux” statement I’ve ever heard. Especially because it has none of the religious “YOU MUST **ONLY** USE LINUX” that I so often hear.


      • Kyle Bennett says:

        I have an old junker desktop and two old junker laptops that I am using to learn on. Combined, they cost me $0, though I had to buy a monitor for the desktop. You don’t need to mess with your primary computer(s) to learn it. Start with just intalling Ubuntu on something you’ve got laying around, or can get from a friend or a yard sale or something, (it’s designed to appeal to a typical Windows user, runs well on mildly old hardware, and other distros like Bodhi run better on really old hardware). Listen to a BenQuaker cast on it, write an email or a blog article or two, just get a feel for it.

        One of the things that I didn’t know I needed to get used to, but am starting to, is thinking of the OS as a disposable piece of software. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

        Linux/OSS is like cockroaches, it will survive anything the government can throw at it, from nationalizing the internet and gatekeeping all access to it (which MS would happily go along with ) to nuclear holocaust and the lack of an internet, and it can be adapted to any situation that might come during and after. You don’t need to know how to do all that adaptation yourself, but being familiar with how to use the stuff that others provide could prove useful.

  2. Regarding one topic on today’s show, we don’t need the government because some people are evil, as some say. We have a government because some people are evil; evil is the cause of government.

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