“LOUDER THAN LIMINAL” – The 53rd and 54th album by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE.

“LOUDER THAN LIMINAL” – The 53rd and 54th albums by BipTunia.

Run time: 82 minutes.
Release Date: December 30, 2020

All compositions, instruments, engineering, mastering, and album cover by Michael W. Dean
The cat is fine. He’s yawning.

1. Frequency Band Circumstellar Disk-Shaped Worms
2. Inhaling Expanding Particles Through the Aperture at the Devival
3. Characterized by Additional Renewal
4. Absolute Zero Adhesion Acoustics
5. Acceleration of Measurement
6. Clearing the Neighborhood for Alpha-Centauri
7. The Role of Alpha Particles in Mutation and Selection for Better Living Through Chemistry
8. A Prominent Albedo Feature on Mars
9. Instrumental Song for a Dead Friend to Sing
10. Regenerative Abiogenesis
11. Reticulated Ionized Altazimuth Dobsonian Observations
12. Spare a Few Astronomical Units

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