C.A.T.M.U.F. T-shirts and merchandise


T-shirts and merchandise for fake pill, Complyacin

In response to a fan request from Rick Jones, Freedom Feens is now offering an array of Complyacin T-shirts, mouse pads, infant tees, maternity shirts, iPod covers, heart-shaped lockets, dream journals, shot glasses, and much much more.

Get ’em here!: http://www.cafepress.com/complyacin

(If you don’t know what Complyacin is, listen to our fake radio ad, here.)

You can still get Freedom Feens merch, here.

and Guns and Weed movie merch, here.


We also now have T-shirts and merchandise for CATMUF (Citizens Against Too Much Unfettered Freedom), a reference to our fake radio add, “The Joys Of Expanding the Government.”

Buy the shirts and merch HERE.

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