Leave Me Alone Where the Buffalo Roam


Episode 2, our official April Fool’s Day launch! (NO JOKE!)

Michael and Neema talk about how the government AND your some of your neighbors try to keep you from getting the right MEDICINE for what ails you – even if you have cancer, how that kind of central planning worked out in Communist Europe, “doing whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody”, the value of making money and letting nature take its course with market corrections and EVERYTHING, growing up and out of Communism, Middle Easterners vs. the Soviets, why the “government friend finder” wouldn’t work, what to do about the wife beater upstairs, non-government restraining orders, walking naked across the college campus, guns, weed, how to declare your home a sovereign micronation, writing letters to the president, cool quote from our good friend Warren Kruse, how “registering” anything is becoming a business partner with an unfriendly entity, the libertarian self-help book A USER’S MANUAL FOR THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE, and keeping a positive attitude in an increasingly horrible world.

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  1. MichaelWDean says:

    “3. Don’t talk about a government friend finding czar. They might implement it.”

    LOLZ! Too true!

  2. Skippy says:

    1. The difference between what is illegal and what is wrong is so critical. I also know so many people who believe X is wrong because X is illegal and conversely Y is right because Y is legal. Keep hammering on that one.

    2. Unicorn’s fart rainbow sprinkles and don’t forget it.

    3. Don’t talk about a government friend finding czar. They might implement it.

    4. The idea of having to go to a Doctor, for $100, to get antibiotics is so insane. There are anti-biotic resistant bugs out there but seems the solution, part of it at least, would be to educate people on this topic and when to take and not take antibiotics. In the 12 years of forced public education why can’t this be taught. Spend four less hours talking about how wonderful communism is.

    5. Shame! Hell yes. Shame works. People do things they do because they can get away with it and never be called on it or made to feel bad about what they have done.

    6. I think Neema is wrong when he says the younger generations are likely to want less government oversight (I paraphrase heavily there). Based on my interactions with college students for eight years I think they are going to demand more government control – for reasons to lengthy for me to type out. I would be happy to be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

    7. The other way to fix health insurance is to divorce it from your place of employment. Having to give up your health insurance when you leave a job is ridiculous.

    8. Registering something is getting permission to perform an action or own an object. Slaves usually have to get permission from their masters, hence all the registrations we must attend to.

    9. I would tell two friends . . . but most everyone I know is a commie. 🙁

    Nice job y’all. Keep it up!

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