I Felt Like God Hurling Thunderbolts From Afar



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the article in Der Spiegel where they interview some drone pilots, the really badly named blog “anarchist soccer mom“, how statists want grandma to get beat up and kids to get felt up, what to do (or even ask) about school shootings, and then they discuss the Feens glossary for future generations.

Feen fan photo, Guns and Spoons, the road to freedom:


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3 Responses to I Felt Like God Hurling Thunderbolts From Afar

  1. Lou says:

    My father graduated in 1958. Our city was not big city nor was it rural. He carried his .22 cal. rifle to school with him, kept it in his locker, and shot on the high school shooting team. There was an indoor range, which was no longer in use when I graduated 30 years later. In 1958, how many kids were hopped up on Complyacin???

  2. isaac says:

    We are like dust in wind, the state is like farts in the wind.

  3. Mark says:

    I’ll start with the obvious. That school shooting is horrible beyond words.

    Once we’re past that, Michael’s blog post on the subject is brilliant. The message I get is, never mind the usual drivel like “what weapons were used?” or “what were his motives?” Much more important is, how did our society get so unbelievably screwed up?

    Michael’s blog post addressed that question in the best way I’ve seen so far, I won’t bother trying to add to it. Go read it if you haven’t done so already.

    Michael did add to it very nicely in this cast with an excellent rant. I do believe he cut through layers of crap and got right to the root of it.

    I always eagerly await the next MWD rant, but this one NAILED it!

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