Feens Episode 150 – Last Freedom Feens Episode Ever!



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi barely get through 45 minutes of what is usually a two-hour show. Seems the Central Scrutinizer conspired with Loki and the Mayans to make sure that the podcast the day before the end of the world didn’t get finished. The Feens TRY to talk about what to do when “the man” comes for your guns, the unintended consequences of gun control and gun confiscation, a really cool Grandpa Simpson liberty cast, and the sixties radical concept (that we don’t like) of “Bring the war home.”

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5 Responses to Feens Episode 150 – Last Freedom Feens Episode Ever!

  1. Johnny Vaney says:

    Listening to this with VLC media player, the audio would cut out at multiple points, at the same points each time. The seek bar would keep on a-seeking. I had to skip to a few seconds past these points to resume the audio output. Strangely enough, around the points where you guys had dropouts. Central Controller Fun Day.
    And yeah, good music man!

  2. Ben Stone says:

    Even considering all the problems, I enjoyed the cast.
    Totally side note; That Bomb drummer blows my mind. This is coming from a John Bonham fan. I stopped playing when Bonzo died, but that Bomb beat makes me want to pound skins.

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