A Very Feens Family Christmas



Neema Vedadi visits his family and has his mother and his younger brother Knight join the cast. Michael has DJ join on his end. Spirits are high as the Feens families talk about why The Family unit is a threat to the State, why Texas and Wyoming WILL NOT DISARM, how schools are prisons, Appeasement, the unintended consequences of adding more gun laws, and the joys of saying “WELL F————– YOU!” to illegitimate authority.

Neema being tazed:

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3 Responses to A Very Feens Family Christmas

  1. Mark says:

    Yes, more DJ! She has a wonderful voice. The “barbecued guest” outtake at the end of Anarchy Gumbo makes me chuckle every time without fail.

    And speaking of chuckling, I’m sorry, Neema. But you getting tazed gets me with a sick, twisted, Schadenfreude pleasure every time I see it!

  2. Hesperus says:

    That was really one of your best episodes, I am not on speaking terms with most of my family except my relatives in Australia, NZ and ironically an uncle of no blood relation to me who lives in Austin tx. And in case it hasn’t been said before I would appreciate it if DJ was on more often.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      It was one of my favorite episodes too.

      DJ liked being on and may be on more. She has a bad cold, so certainly not this Sunday though. And if I am ever short a Gumbo guest, she’ll likely be the one.


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