Freedom Feens, bitches!



The Right Honourable Neema Vedadi and Sir Michael Wareham Dean drop mad science about “guns for weed” statism, new word for square statism = BORING, COINTELPRO, FEMA guillotines?, White Rose, why does the government have to tell you things your parents should have told you?, more statist auto-correct mishaps: minarchist switches to monarchist, Neema and Michael say they love each other (no homo), why we need drug shows as well as gun shows, a logical fallacy in a Dead Kennedys lyric, Worms Turn Metal Into Semiconductors, and Senate extends warrantless wiretapping under FISA…..

….but there is a solution: How to Do Encrypted, Off-The-Record Instant Messenger With Pidgin

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  1. Kyle Bennett says:

    The etymology of “yankee” is vague and speculative:

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