State Jobs Program: Dig fiscal cliff, fill it back in, rinse, repeat



The Central Scrutinizer keeps MWD from getting the medicine he needs to get better so Neema avoids the feenscal cliff with a solo cast. He tells a story of a New Years Eve adventure and the good omen that came of it. He takes down the concept of getting a “prescription”, and the nonsense the media has made out of the so called “fiscal cliff”. Lots of good old fashioned Neema rants here. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to State Jobs Program: Dig fiscal cliff, fill it back in, rinse, repeat

  1. Jumping Jehoshaphat says:

    Neema (…spits hot flames),

    Impressive solo. You performed wonderfully in Michael’s mildly devastating absence. Very well prepared in both content and orchestration.

    My question is: Might you consider that the “hater’s“ response to ‘A Gun For Everyone’ grotesquely refers to gunshot wounds or—perhaps—body piercings in children’s heads? I’ve had/do have many “gauges” (or piercings) in mine. I know how so-called statists possess somewhat vehement disdains for personal expression and overt individuality: much the same as their hatreds toward personal liberty and freedom. I assume the reference is about kids being shot, but perhaps the dual-meaning is his or her way to attack two birds from one “throne”… Is it not such bloody ignorance that renders passivists blind and makes them more prone to attacks?

    Michael, dude I always look forward to your rants and explicit recounts of explications. The very prevalence of unpredictable chaos is but one of many true constants in nature.

    Thanks again. Its been an easy crawl back with the ’casts that I missed during my excursion from the holidays. Being insomniac, I will keep cruising down the line—into the upper Feenosphere!

    Pieces & Peace.

    • Mark says:

      “Feenosphere”.. I like that! Perhaps it could be a new glossary entry?

      • Jumping Jehoshaphat says:

        I’m glad you dig my term, Mark.

        It perhaps isn’t Freedom Feens glossary worthy, but maybe we can start our own glossary of Feen Fan slang.

        “Feenosphere” is something that I envisioned while in a lucid state of insomnia… It’s the mind’s upper realm—that extends beyond worldly corruption—where Feen Dreams are dreamt. I was aware of a temporal rip, torn into the fabric of society. But my mind was elevated to a new plain—much like the clarity one experiences during hypnosis. It’s all very cerebral, and it occurs often when I listen to the ’Feens. Everything starts with a thought, an idea, or a dream…

        Pieces & Peace.

  2. Michigan Escapee says:

    Sounds like Michael’s doctor is a real d-bag. The feens will have to hex him, cause him to be plagued with skin tags, reflux, and ingrown ear hair. 😉

    Once that’s done we can arrange for the Bad Quaker to be afflicted with a plague of Grackles next spring for taking a vacation and not podcasting. 😀 Not sure if a mass of Grackles is called a plague, but who knows maybe it’ll catch on. lol

  3. Mark says:

    Neema did a good job of sailing the ship on his own during Michael’s illness. One thing worries me though…

    It just gives Michael more time to build up an even bigger rant!

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