Michael Got Dem Talkin’ Government Flu Blues



Michael Dean suffers for the Feens and casts despite being sick as a dog. Michael is joined by Neema Vedadi and Frank Vedadi to talk about how everything that’s wrong with the world is the State’s fault – anywhere in the world. They read from the Feens Glossary, tell why Cops Are Gunmen Too, Michael explains how “the State made my wife cry”, how Alcoholics Anonymous never quite got Michael to give up his resentment toward authority figures, how Joe Biden open sourced email encryption, and the new STATE SPEECH IS HATE SPEECH Feens buttons!

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8 Responses to Michael Got Dem Talkin’ Government Flu Blues

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  2. Hesperus says:

    +2 on the VEPR, however you can’t get any more until the next boat from Russia arrives. Great guns though, the quality is more like a typical Remington or Winchester than a typical AK.

    Also the kriss vector doesn’t carry 2 in the chamber, it just fires a 2 shot burst really fast. The HK G-11 and AN-94 work on a similar concept of firing 2 or three rounds really really fast. The only actual guns which carry 2 in the chamber are double guns, like double barrel shotguns, or the Italian Arsenal firearms double 1911

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Ah. Makes sense.


      • Hesperus says:

        I also forgot to mention, if you are having dreams about threats and firearms not working I am told there is only one cure, take a firearms training class, a big one like a carbine or shotgun full day course.

        I have never had such dreams though, when people shoot at me in my dreams the bad guys bullets disintegrate. Then I take their guns and tell them to Fù&! off.

  3. Mark says:

    Listening to the bit about no-knock raids on the wrong address leads me to a question…

    Hey, Neema.. How many times have you delivered a pizza to the wrong address? I did once, and got my ass reamed for it!

    For all the training and equipment they have, and their goon paycheques which are a lot bigger than mine, they can’t look up an address?? REALLY???

    • Jumping Jehoshaphat says:


      If I remember correctly from a past episode: Neema mentioned that he doesn’t frequent these parts of the site. I think that any questions phrased toward Neema are potentially assumed in rhetoric. I certainly don’t dissuade Neema’s reply, and I hope for my recollection to be disproved.

      I don’t mean to hijack your thread, but if I may interject with a question of my own: who gaped your hole (no homo)—your boss or the customer? I think I would personally prefer a pizza to a squad of armed sadists, and as your boss I would rather a loss of profits than an inexplicable or wrongful death! Although I reject all miscalculated deliveries…

      Pieces & Peace.

      • Mark says:

        That was a rhetorical bit to question the (lack of) accountability of the goons. If a pizza guy is held accountable for mistakes, how is it that cops are not?

        The customer was annoyed about his pizza taking so long to arrive, but it was worse from the boss. I can’t complain about that, after all, I did make a mistake.

        And yeah, I’ll take a pizza at the wrong house than a house full of goons any day!

  4. DocRokRx says:

    the Gun you seek is the VEPR, available in many calibers and barrel lengths, including 7.62x54r 20 inch (the one I drool over). Only downside? Single stack 10 round mags

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