Radio Is the Mancave Taken Worldwide



Neema Vedadi and Michael W. Dean avoid talking about Obama’s coronation as much as possible. They chat about how radio is the man cave (or woman cave) taken worldwide, ham radio in the 70s, trying not to break all the laws out there, Lupe Fiasco removed from stage following comments at Obama inauguration show, Santa cannot be pooplicated, arapist, silly graffiti, how and why Michael got off drugs and alcohol, how and why Michael quit being in rock bands, and audio compressor settings for radio.







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9 Responses to Radio Is the Mancave Taken Worldwide

  1. Kyle says:


  2. David MN says:

    Drinkability is a real term in beer. I have heard it used by Belgian brewers who like to have high alcohol beers that are still light in body so the drinker gets the big yeasty flavor of high alcohol but not the thick, chewiness associated with, say, a high gravity stout. This is achieved by adding table sugar to the wort. Any tripl and most light color abbey beers will be good examples. This is also why most folks get wrecked beyond normal on Belgian ale. You don’t realize how potent it is.

    It may be that traditional monastic brewers originally added sugar because it was a cheap fermentable but for whatever reason, the tradition stuck. For those looking for more info, read “Brew Like a Monk” by Stan Hieronymus. I have been brewing Belgian ale for years and even went to Brussels strictly for beer. I strongly recommend trying this style. Duvel, Afflingam, Victory Golden Monkey, Chimay, etc. are great examples of high alcohol, yeasty character, and light body yielding Belgian “drinkability”. Bud Light is not.

  3. Isaac says:

    I was about to recommend my favorite coffee-like beer that doesn’t taste fermented for you but then i remembered you went through AA. So i’ll point this toward Neema, Neema if you like dark beers with a coffee, chocolate, nut taste check out Old Rasputin-on tap if you can.

    Ike (Isaac)

  4. Jumping Jehoshaphat says:

    Hi Michael,

    Great show. You and Neema did another entertaining show that avoided focus on the State, and I dig it the most. Also, how can I tune in once you guys broadcast on FM? Sorry if I missed a former mention…


    Pieces and Peace.

    Judas Prius

    P.S. Dear Neema: Sativa or cannabis sativa is an herbal stimulant with heaps of happy health enhancements, as I’m sure you already know. Although, my favorite stimulant is unfettered passion…

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Thanks man! We love the feedback from feens like you. Makes us want to keep going.

      Our start date on radio is still up in the air. But you can be sure you’ll know!


    • Neema says:

      Good point about the Sativa. I just wish I could get properly labelled cannabis here in Texas.

    • Isaac says:

      Sativa without a doubt is better than indica, however, you will often pay more for a pure sativa. Good luck finding one btw, unless you live in a place where they have medicinal or legal herb. Indicas suck, i would rather not smoke than smoke an indica. Things i do when i smoke sativas: workout, go hiking, clean. Things i do when i smoke indicas: eat unhealthy food, lay around, feel sleepy, feel like i’ve wasted the day. Totally different herbs.

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