Lawmakers Are Law Breakers



Michael Dean and Neema Vedadi explain how gun control is legal insurrection by nanny goons, they talk about Brother Nathanael, Israel-friendly US gun grabbers, the nanny-org Stop Concealed Carry, the horror of firearms owners compared to Nazis, cats are pocket pumas, the majesty of Michael’s Euro tour pix, Michael’s state-o COMREX Access CODEC COMPLAINT, SLC punk, not a good movie, video of Boston at Porcfest (great content, and good audio, but the porcs should put a mic condom on those SM58 mics to minimize plosive sounds, i.e. popping), and Utah sheriffs warn Obama of deadly war over guns.


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4 Responses to Lawmakers Are Law Breakers

  1. Phil D. says:

    Fantastic episode.
    I’ve been listening to some anti nowhere league since you played “I Hate People”. I can’t help but put ‘state’ in place of ‘people ‘. I smell a custom t-shirt.
    I Hate The State
    The State Hates Me!

  2. Manarchist says:

    Wow, how can anyone not like SLC Punk!? Such a powerful, funny, and dramatic film. It definitely planted an anarchist seed in my brain, years before I actually became an anarchist or even minarchist. If you really only watched half of it, Michael, I recommend watching it all the way through.

    I never completely agreed with the characters or their actions either, but I think that’s what makes it so interesting, and I DID personally identify with their angsty, rebellious, non-conformist spirit… I wasn’t really around for the 80’s punk scene, so I don’t know how accurate it is, but to me the film feels pretty authentic and evocative of a more fun and exciting time and place. So many great quotes and scenes too, like when Stevo is chewing out his sellout hippie, establishment parents. ….So yeah, I really love that movie to death – just had to defend it a little…..

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I actually saw the whole movie years ago. I did love where they go to Wyoming to buy booze and get shot at by Wyoming rednecks.

  3. David MN says:


    Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) is married to Megan Mullally (Tammy II) in real life. This is why you will frequently find them together such as in the silly anti gun video. He also runs a woodshop and sells custom woodwork, hence Ron Swanson’s woodcraft. He has sponsored many young woodworkers and put articles in “Fine Woodworking”, helping us growing woodworkers. I’d like to see his ideologies change but on personal level, he seems like a nice guy.

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