How Many Cops Does It Take To Make Neema Change a Light Bulb? (LRN radio archive)



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi do live call-in radio on LRN and talk about cops wasting your time, how the government might want to kill you, Arkancide, Alex Jones with Cody Wilson on printable guns, NPR’s lobotomy-sounding hosts, the tube-industrial complex, Michael on Changing the Tube on an ART MP USB Tube Preamp, cats must flow, chickens in town, how LibPar would be noisier than things are now – but still much better, the new Feens header banner (by Feen fan Matt Sprinkle at Flathead Media), Michael paraphrased on CSI, Austin pub crawler bike, drinking and droning, how the Descendents invented the Orange County punk sound, NYPD places full body gun scanners on the streets, the icky people who want you dead if you don’t love the government, and why Democrats and Republicans are POOPLICATED!

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3 Responses to How Many Cops Does It Take To Make Neema Change a Light Bulb? (LRN radio archive)

  1. Just listening to the podcast now. (yes, I am behind just a tad).
    Automated cat doors:
    Now, if you want, you can enhance to have unique RFID tags for each pet and define curfews for the animals (individually).

  2. Manarchist says:

    The Descendents = one of my favorite bands. That was an awesome story about meeting Milo, Michael. Are you familiar with The Real McKenzies? Another favorite punk band of mine with a number of libertarian-friendly songs. They were actually using The Descendents bassist for a while. They’ve got a Scottish-Canadian, Celtic-punk gimmick which isn’t for everyone, but libertarian punks should definitely check out these songs:

    I Do What I Want
    Culling the Herd
    The Tempest (“…to total liberty!”)

    They tend to pepper their songs with subtle anti-authoritarian messages, rather than make it blatant. Their lead singer is definitely libertarian though….

  3. AnarchyBurger says:

    Neema can change a lightbulb ? I thought he was a bobble headed news guy ? He’d need a gaffer to take care of it right ?

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