1. Overture in Beast Minor
2. Brain Movie 668
3. Blowing the Dust out of Entrenched Systems
4. Government Probe
5. Brain Movies in 11 EDphi
6. Truth Table on a 1975 Logic Gate
7. Rewinding Toward a Singularity
8. A Party with the Ghost of Every Individual of Every Species that Ever Lived on this Planet, all Planets, in all Multiverses
9. Pattern-Predictable Initial Conditions
10. Dreaming While Awake
11. Jupiter Was as Bright as Venus This Dawn
12. The 4-4 Waltz
13. Goodnight Moon of Jupiter
14. Null the Pad


All instruments Michael W. Dean, except Joe Guitariski played lead guitars on track 6.

Author: MichaelDean

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  1. Heard your advert for Agorist Hosting on LRN, was like “They’ze back!”, however, looks like it’s in active archive mode at the moment.

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