Statist Rush Limbaugh Calls Others “Statist”



Neema V and Michael Dean talk about the hypocrisy of statist Republicans trying to co-opt non-statist speak by libertarians, but not practicing what they preach. Rush needs to go to Statists Anonymous. And congress needs to go to Debtors Anonymous, Ron Paul’s voting accident, does Ron Paul hate the troops? (no), government’s Reciprocal Pilferage, a prediction: next Superbowl, the halftime show will be DHS throwing gun owners to lions, The Ant and the Grasshopper, and the joys of Arabic radio.


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6 Responses to Statist Rush Limbaugh Calls Others “Statist”

  1. Jimmald says:

    Sorry I meant it’s Le-VIN, not Lev-EEN. Whatever. Anyway, conservatives say good things but do bad things. Liberals just love evil and say so. So conservatives are bigger hypocrites, though liberals are more evil.

  2. A guy says:

    Hi, I wanted to make a point, Modern talking was popular here(Iran) but in the 90s And People play music LOUD in their cars IN the cities.
    As for western music the last singer that i heard in cars was Akon or rihanna. But it’s been a while since i heard a western music, loud in a car, it’s mostly underground iraniam music now.

  3. captainbonfire says:


    The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology | 1996 | T. F. HOAD | 426 words | Copyright
    statist †politician, statesman XVI; statistician XIX. perh. — F. statiste or It. statista, f. stato — L. status (see STATE). Similarly statistic XVIII, statistical †political XVII; pert. to statistics (see -IC, -ICAL), first applied to the political science concerned with the facts of a state or community XVIII; all derived immed. from G. statistisch adj., statistik sb.; whence statistician XIX.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Interesting. Last night I made notes to call a future episode
      this will help


  4. Jimmald says:

    The funny thing is that Mark Levin (it’s LEV-in, not Lev-EEN) actually says a lot of things that are true, e.g. that leftists are “Statists”. On the other hand, he himself is a statist, and a war-mongering military-worshipping one at that. Excellent impression of his voice, Neema! The idea is that Obama and Pelosi are MORE “statist” because they are collectivists or communists. Commies are the ultimate statists since they want the State to own and control 100% of everything everywhere. Levin and Limbaugh are slightly watered-down statists because they believe in some limited private ownership of property (as long as it’s taxed and regulated by the State, of course). It’s the 99%-black pot vs. the 100%-black kettle.

  5. Mark says:

    Rush Limbaugh is calling others Statist? Really?? The pot and kettle metaphor is much too obvious. Say.. Do you suppose these new found Statists in the World of Limbaugh are people with opinions that differ from his?

    Here’s the problem with language and words, as the Bad Quaker has pointed out many times. Language is not a static thing. It is somewhat fluid, and the meaning of some words does evolve over time as a natural process. Some people, however, see a term and want to hijack it. Perhaps to suit their own purposes directly, but often to alter the perceived meaning in a way that harms the original users of it.

    If the natural evolution of a language can be seen as molasses in January, some of these alterations are more like a fire hose.

    How do we defend against this? It’s not easy. The State-O-Vision idiot box has been saturating the herd of sheeple for a long time now.

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