By The Time You Finish This Episode, You’ll Have Less Freedom Than When You Started



…And it won’t be our fault!

Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi not only REPORT the tyranny of the day, they also offer solutions, and angles you may not have considered. Ready, Aim… Submit! – Why They Will Take Your Guns From Your Cold Dead Hands (and what CAN you do to be free?), expatriating, Lysander Spooner is rolling over in his grave, Government says all dogs in England must be fitted with microchips by 2016, YOU CAN’T SPELL “STATISTIC” WITHOUT “STATIST”, Matt Mead Wyoming Gov who ran on gun rights is a pussy cat on protecting gun rights, and WHY DOES THE GUN-VERMENT EVEN STILL ALLOW FREE SPEECH?

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4 Responses to By The Time You Finish This Episode, You’ll Have Less Freedom Than When You Started

  1. brutus1776 says:

    Great cast guys.
    This will be of interest:

    In this vid, he plays local news coverage of the arrest of a man with an AR15 rifle at a gun rights rally. In TN, you cannot OC a rifle at all, you can open carry sidearms, if you possess a Pistol Permit. Note of irony, even members of the so called ‘resistance’ to firearms laws, seem to of had no problem with the guy getting arrested.

    To build on what yall were talking about in the cast…

    2 things pop in my head.

    In America, in some jurisdictions the tax cattle and slaves can be armed. They do not have the will to use them as they state they will be used, in fighting oppression. There were a couple hundred people at this rally, probably more than half thought he should of been arrested, the others didn’t react or use their firearms to protect their rights, as they say they’ll do at some future event. We are supposed to believe that in a future date, they will not comply and start shooting government agents who threaten their freedom. I honestly believe any actual resistance whether either non compliance of various laws or actual insurgency warfare would only come about if door to door raids were happening across the country.

    Another note. Oathkeeper cops. Where are they? Where are all the oathkeeper cops who are supposed to be resisting unjust laws NOW? Do Oathkeeper cops exist who would of NOT arrested this man for breaking current TN firearms law by daring to be armed with a defensive semi automatic cosmetically offensive weapon within sight of a legislature?

    Can we take either group seriously? The Oathkeeper enforcers or the damn the torpedo’s patriots who already submit to hundreds or thousands of gun regulations per day?

    This sort of shows how any resistance will be viewed by many that claim to be part of the resistance movement. Another example is James Yeager. Fairly well respected firearms instructor, although he is hated for his ego. He made a video saying he will not comply with an executive order or gun ban and he’d be glad to fire the first shot. He said he would start killing people, just as the founding generation did when their firearms were about to be confiscated. The gun community distanced himself from him immediately. He reportedly lost his CCW permit ‘privilege.’ Any real resistance, probably will be met with this same lack of support. Look at how they acted when someone just SPOKE about it.

    food for thought. carry on guys.

  2. Doge says:

    Glad you guys went over that TDV post by Karger. It is really important to note that the only kind of resistance that will come in the USSA will begin after it’s too late — everything about life here is geared towards short-term horizons. The biggest proof of that is 0% interest rates.

    I almost think that all these government regulations and other sorts of interference are deliberately crafted to shorten time-horizons; but then I remember that this is just a natural side-effect of central planning.

    That leads me to a possible redemption in the 3rd act for this cast — the thing to remember is that these authoritarian hierarchies are self destructive. Things that cannot work eventually do grind to a halt. No violent resistance is needed to destroy the USG, it’s doing a better job of that all by itself than we could ever do. Just keep yourself out of their crosshairs long enough that they get bored and turn on each other.

    As such, I have to side with the TDV crew, as that machine is going to take lots of people down with it as while it thrashes about in it’s death throes. That’s not something I’m going to stick around and see firsthand. But 20 or so years after the collapse, the USA might be a nice place once again; I might be able to retire cheaply in my hometown.

    As a side note, you might like to interview a libertarian who left the USA long before guys like you and I saw this tyranny coming: John Walker. He’s got a pretty interesting site over at, was the founder of autoCAD, and recently hosted Cody Wilson:

    I imagine he’d have an interesting story or 2 for the gumbo. And it’s always nice to hear the story of successful liberty people.

  3. AdamBomb says:

    Very cool, I think my favorite my favorite feens podcast yet! Statheist…yeah, I think I’ll get some mileage out of that. 😉

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