The Tax Man vs. the Pain Monster



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the Futurama idea that “The tax man is like a visit to the pain monster”, they take a call from Ben Stone the Bad Quaker about the childish POD BEEF that Paul Anderson is trying to start with his hilarious anti-Bad Quaker site called “Bad Libertarian“, unions and entitlement attitudes turning Detroit into Somalia, Faraday cages, and Bean Weevil penises.

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3 Responses to The Tax Man vs. the Pain Monster

  1. Jay Hailey says: redirects to

  2. Mark says:

    Wait a minute… I was supposed to GROUND the tin-foil hat? That must explain the drool running down my chin and the odd looks I get from everybody.

  3. Hey guys, funny show, but there were a few inaccuracies. Let me know when you’re doing the next one, and I’ll call in to give you my side of the story.

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