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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the wonders of taking people shooting and teaching them about guns. Then they talk nerd talk about XML Shareable Playlist Format, how “love it or leave it” is a social contract, how THE Social Contract is slavery, Neema’s love of electronic cigarettes and governments’ attempts to ban them, how poverty is the new military draft, FEMA’s response to a satellite falling on us,  Post Office failures, Record-low SAT scores despite more and more money spent on education, Michael giving a talk called “I Remember when Sex Was Safe and Music Was Dangerous” this Saturday, September 24th at 4 PM New York time at the online Agora I/O un-conference which also includes Stefan Molyneux, Larken Rose, MamaLiberty, and George Donnelly; where to buy Time’s up! flags, the 6 weapons the police and military will be using against you, the war on birds, how to pick out a digital camera, how Michael’s music was called “terrorist rock” by Democratic Underground, how public nudity is now legal in San Francisco but of course it’s still regulated, and the gay gun owner’s organization, The Pink Pistols.


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  1. Awesome bass guitar on “We Are The Good Guys.” Several weeks ago I shot off .22 short rounds with my brother-in-law. I hit a few targets he had set up.
    Guns are are heavily controlled in Australia thanks (no thanks) to ex-PM John Howard who screwed the gun system in Oz.
    This is a breath of fresh air for anyone who faces a miscreant coming through a window to steal or or kill.
    I’m left with a lame knife to face a foe and it is not right.
    An Ar-15 will shred a person at close range but I can’t legally own one. Bad juju all round. 🙁

  2. The satellite: FEMA doesn’t want you to be scared of something that is their boss’s fault. Otherwise FEMA would have to have a branch that warned of checkpoints, state murders, DEA/ATF activity, etc.

  3. I think that’s the main reason DADT was repealed…to provide more cannon fodder. Also to make Obama look good.

    Politicians steal all our money and rights and “give” us back a little bit in exchange for our vote.


  4. It’s odd that you mentioned that Poverty is the New draft, because last week I was out at my local military Base in the Hospital waiting room when the base Commander sat next to me and we started talking about things, when I started talking about allowing Gays to openly serve in the military.
    I told him I did not care who served or what they believed in as long they left everyone else alone and he shocked me when he said he agreed, because most military big wigs are very Conservative.

    He started telling me the reason he approved was because of the sad fact is that he did not foresee a time in the next few generations were we would not be at War and that we are starting to run out of people willing to serve, so Gays would be needed. Which kind of surprised me.

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