Feen Drone, Feen Drone



The Feens tell you how not to be a fear monger and rumor spreader when it comes to tyranny media, they talk about audio gear, and have an amazing sound. They imitate a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson, then actually take a call from bad libertarian Paul Anderson. Michael wonders if Paul Anderson is a sociopath, and Paul Anderson wonders if Stefan Molyneux is a sociopath. The Feens also review the punk rock movie Suburbia and the great documentary on YouTube called Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father, the Charles Herrold Story, which is about the first-ever talk radio host in 1911.


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3 Responses to Feen Drone, Feen Drone

  1. Mark says:

    Michael made a very good point about reading a news article, whatever it’s source. He cautions against freaking out over an article about letters to veterans. And he’s right, I had a minor freak out myself. I’m kicking myself because I should know better.

    And the ‘knowing better’ is exactly why I unplugged myself from the matrix of mainstream media, even before embracing Anarcho-Capitalism.

    Alternative media will shoot itself in the foot if it starts acting like mainstream media. On an individual level, we will not serve ourselves well if we jump on bandwagons too quickly without thinking and analyzing.

    That, I think, is largely the failing of society that has brought us to the mess we’re in today.

  2. Trevis says:

    That VA letter, same story but with pics of the letter.

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