Patent Trolls, Podcasting, and Is Obama Satan?



Michael and Neema talk about RADIOOOOOOO, address Alex Jones saying “Obama is Satan”, talk about how Ted Nugent is 46% right, patent troll goes after podcasting, the new Feens Comrex has arrived!, Why Patent Trolls Worldwide Love Marshall, Texas, Ted Nelson’s prescient book Computer Lib, Agent Orange wasn’t the only defoliant used in Vietnam war there was a whole rainbow, State destroys 1600 lbs of deer meat donated to shelter, the evils of Diplomatic Immunity, and Neema starts his own state, “Vedadistan.”


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6 Responses to Patent Trolls, Podcasting, and Is Obama Satan?

  1. Anon42 says:

    That was a good wiki article MWD, I think I will read that book. In return, here’s one that is right up your alley:

  2. unsearchable feen says:

    Rambo is better than red dawn for a few reasons; rambo was trained by the state, realized the nature of government and turned on the state. One man took on the entire state, they even called the military. Rambo has more of a survivalist bent, themes of independence. The western half of the country has red dawn, the eastern half has rambo.

  3. unsearchable feen says:

    How to avoid a search:
    stack your car to the roof with baby diapers filled with chocolate syrup, spill some on the floor. Pile old newspapers and fast food bags all round the car. put random junk everywhere, make it appear as thought there are a million things in your car that noone could ever search through in a weeks time.

    When a cop tells you to put your hands up give two middle fingers as high as you can.

    Shit your pants to avoid a search of your person below the waist.

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