“Drum Machines Have No Baggage”, album 63 by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE.

RUN TIME: 92 minutes.
RELEASE DATE: May 2, 2022

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1. The Battle in the Innermoist Chamber of the Drum Machine
2. The 3 Beats He Played for the Whole Band’s History
3. I Only Take Photos of Landscapes, Animals, and Stars
4. Falls Awakening
5. Drum Machines Have No Baggage
6. When You Wake Up Thinking You’re Falling That’s an Ancient Impulse From When Our Ancestor Species Slept in Trees
7. Superlative Sparkling Stellar Nursery Fireworks
8. BipTunia Goes Electric Beat Box Boogie Bip Blip Blop Bloop

Album cover design and bird photos by Michael W. Dean. Drum Machine graphic by ThePooch. High rez version click below:

Author: MichaelDean

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