“Drone Home Alone – 3 Hours of Glorious Audio Entheogens” Albums 66, 67, and 68 by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE.

RUN TIME: 190 Minutes
RELEASE DATE: May 14, 2022
All instruments, songs, and production: Michael W. Dean
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The album it one long song, divided up into 12 movements of approx 16 min each:

1. You’ll Need Good Speakers for This
2. A Long Drone Home
3. Never Drone Alone
4. Dem Drones
5. This Takes You to a Wonderful Place
6. Drone Drone Drone
7. Drone to Drone
8. Spell Check Your Drones
9. Drone Bone
10. Feen Drone
11. My Shiz Just Gets More and More Abstract Over Time
12. Structure is for Suckers

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Album cover art and design by Michael W. Dean. High rez cover click below:


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