“Even Drones Can Fly Away” – Albums 69, 70, and 71 by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE.

RUN TIME: 186 Minutes
RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2022
All instruments, songs, and production: Michael W. Dean
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Album cover photo by Michael W. Dean. Is a picture of a Eurasian magpie in flight, with some suet in his beak. Album title is a line from a haiku in the movie and book Fight Club. The word “drone” references the use of long drones on this album. (Drones are also prominent on the last few BipTunia releases.)

The album it one long song, divided up into 9 movements of approx 20 min each:
1. The Ether Variations
2. Sweet Oil of Vitriol
3. Talking While Unconscious
4. Remembering Worrying About the Future
5. But Realizing It’s All Good
6. Makes Earth Sound Like Speed Metal
7. A Strong Dense Smell
8. Etheromania
9. The Ether Resolution

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