Tyranny’s Just The Symptom, The Disease Is Stupidity



The Freedom Feens more or less skip talking about the “drunkalogue” of minute-by-minute tyranny updates and get to the real root of the problem: stupidity, even in people who are “smart”, “educated”, and experts in things that are wrong. This plays off Ben Stone’s Bad Quaker idea that statists need a 12-step program, Bill Buppert and Michael Dean’s take on the same, Political Ponerology, and more, forging into a single unified theory of how to fix all the ills in the world. Also covered are idiots who believe in taxing e-mail to save the post office, old people who can’t deal with spam in a logical manner, the problem with futuruists, audio tips, Opus codec in the new Mumble version, and more.

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6 Responses to Tyranny’s Just The Symptom, The Disease Is Stupidity

  1. Sean DuVally says:

    Great show Guys. When I was going to AA meetings, the best speakers were the ones that spoke about how drinking ruined them emotionally and spiritually, how tired that made them, and how sobriety healed them. Not the ones that talked about what they drank, where they drank or how much they drank.
    The best shows are when you guys talk about how Peace and Liberty can bring about that type of change in the world. This was one of those shows.

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  3. Rico says:

    Nice show guys. These posters gave me cancer. Need – more – kitties…

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