“BLUES FOR ANDROMEDA” – Albums 72 and 73 by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE.

RUN TIME: 106 minutes
RELEASE DATE: Sept 2, 2022

This album is microtonal / xenharmonic, is all 10-TET and 20-TET

All instruments, songs, and production: Michael W. Dean
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Album cover photo of the Andromeda Galaxy by Michael W. Dean (BipTunia). Tech specs:
Total integration (combined exposure) 4 hours, 12 minutes. 252 Lights (separate exposures). 60 second exp each at 800 ISO. 29 Darks. 29 Flats. 30 Dark Flats. Bortle 3 (backyard Oregon farm.) Processed in PixInsight and Photoshop. Image cropped.

RedCat on Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro with Zwo mini guide cam and scope via PhD2. Cam: stock DSLR…Canon 90D. Polar align via SharpCap.

Info on Andromeda Galaxy:
“Also known as Messier 31 or M31. It’s a barred spiral galaxy with diameter of about 152,000 light-years. It is about 2.5 million light-years from Earth and the nearest large galaxy to our home, the Milky Way Galaxy.”

The album title is somewhat of an homage to the GD album, Blues For Allah. But it’s also me saying that Andromeda is more real to me than God is to me. Because I can take a picture of Andromeda. There may or may not be a god, but “pix or it didn’t happen.”

The album is one long song, divided up into 6 movements:

  1. Simple Little 20-TET Ditty
  2. Get Your Photons Off My Property
  3. It’s Not Blues But It Might Be in Andromeda
  4. Astrid’s Lament
  5. We Took a Wrong Turn at Messier 110
  6. Simple Little 20-TET on the Wing

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