Feens Episode 200: The Road To Radio!



The Freedom Feens celebrate their 200th episode by ignoring that it’s tax day (after paying their taxes) and yack about hypocrite Senator Joe Manchin and how his mental health bullcrap is going to take away your guns and put lots of people (not just gun owners) on the “can’t take care of themselves” mental crazy list, and how our Guns and Weed movie swayed a 2A guy.



Joe Manchin:

Joe Manchin “shooting Cap and Trade” video, Oct 9, 2010

…which was stolen from Gerald Gay shooting Socialism, July 15, 2010 (“yes sir…..”):

….inspired by movie, Used Cars with Kurt Russell, 1980 (“yes sir…..”):

And just for kicks, Gerald speaking Arabic:

Cougar Bait T-shirt old-man cheesecake photos of Michael with his kitties:




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5 Responses to Feens Episode 200: The Road To Radio!

  1. David MN says:

    It’s not guns. This is everything. It starts with wifebeaters losing guns because it’s passable. But do we want violent and mentally unstable people driving cars? On planes? Buying alcohol? Maybe we need to inspect their houses for safety. Maybe kitchen knives are too big a risk. Should we let them watch violent movies? Listen to rap? Go near a school? Stay out late at night? Everything will be shut down.

    Don’t forget what makes someone a risk for violence or mental instability. Sexual proclivities are always #1 because we’re too ashamed to stand up for behavior behind closed doors. Maybe someone who likes violent sports like boxing or football. Maybe someone who homeschools or eats an unapproved diet. Visiting a prostitute is obvious. Maybe owning too many guns is a sign. What kind of violent individual would hang a deer head on the wall? Maybe you’re enjoying too much porn to be healthy. Or the wrong kind. Who in their right mind would re-enact the Civil War? This list goes on forever.

    Everything you do is an indicator of how deranged you are and how we need to know about you to protect us from you. I say one sign of mental illness is holding public office.

    • Darwin Smith says:

      Worms, David. As someone not mentally baseline, I always have the feeling that as soon as they can violate HIPAA (i’m sure they already do), they’ll break into my home and steal my self-defense tools. It’s a good think I lost them all in a voting accident.

  2. Mark says:

    Happy 200! That was a good cast.


    Making ‘criminals’ out of nearly everyone isn’t good enough, so now they’ll make the rest ‘crazy’.

    The slippery slope is getting more steep and slippery all the time. It must be lubed up with Legal-Eeze.

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