Statists Are Morally Obtuse


cat in a blanket

…and the only beautiful constant in life is cats! Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi do their fourth-to-the-last Thursday live streaming show about the difference between the species of humans who believe in no aggression (Homo Sapiens Feenus), and the sub-species (Homo Sapiens Parasitis) who think that it’s moral and correct to outsource your violence to the State.

The Feens have an uncontrollable urge for freedom, and so does the deer in this photo (taken by DJ):



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8 Responses to Statists Are Morally Obtuse

  1. matt says:

    also, quality of your conversation about economics + bitcoin has improved a lot. keep it up.

  2. Matt says:

    i was a little kid in berkeley in the late 60s. those hippies didn’t like the draft more than they didn’t like the war. they were also obsessed with “me”, and not so much with their kids. fast forward to 2010s, and they are even more obsessed with “me” and my entitlements, ss & medicare, telling everyone how to live, and many, many are now living in taos and sfe as mwd correctly points out. also, that me generation could now give even less of a shit about their kids and grandkids. the number of bumper stickers everywhere with “no war” and “obama” would be funny if not so sad… the farmers markets and whole foods are crowed with rich greyhaired libs that cashed out of ca, while the young hispanic locals, whose families have been here for 400+ years, buy food at walmart. all the rich old ladies dressed sfe/cowboy style, searching for their 30 yo giggalo yoga/taichi/guru to make them whole, while their impotent husbands trail dismally behind …

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Yup. Ben Stone was talking about the ” those hippies didn’t like the draft more than they didn’t like the war” thing the other day.


  3. Mark says:

    For two guys who don’t like to talk about tyranny and state, there was a lot of tyranny and state there. But I’m not complaining about it. It was done very well.

    On a more serious note, it amazes me that the talking head on the news was able to talk about the FBI and and their manufacture of terrorist plots.

    I don’t follow mainstream news, but I hear of more questions being raised, and more people are unwilling to accept the standard line anymore.

    Could it be that the heat has been turned up too high under the boiling frog?

  4. Anon42 says:

    Michael wants to know where all the antiwar leftists went to. Well, they moved to New York and started a show called “Democracy Now”! It’s the kind of show where Noam Chomsky and Mumia Abu-Jamal are held in equal regard and given entire shows to ramble. It’s main selling point is that they’re actually journalists (who traveled to Egypt during the Arab Spring) because they actually go on the ground to get stories and are willing to have guests who criticize the current administration (like Cornell West).

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