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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about how New World Vultures is a great analogy for the State, how kink and BDSM are NOT good analogies for the State, how to deal with know-it-all anarchists who are right about the State but very WRONG about other things and STILL think they’re right, and even more BOX-FRESH PODBEEF!

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  1. David MN says:

    Just listened. I think it’s abhorrent to relate kink and the state. Everyone involved in a kink scene wants to be there. No one at the DMV, courthouse, or any other state function wants to be there. Maybe the state hates kink because it simulates what the state does with the obvious difference that no state function has ever made me orgasm.

    Comparing kink to the state is the same as comparing a boxing match to fighting off a prison rape.

  2. Sima Qian says:

    Hey, thanks for linking my article. I listened to the episode last night and wanted to comment. This is a bit of a stream-of-consciousness in roughly chronological order.

    First off on the pseudonym, Sima Qian, was a taoist who combined the ideas of minimalism in taoism with the idea that people like stuff to create the first not totally shitty pseudo-economic system of thought, and is mentioned in Rothbard’s History of Economic Thought. The name is written in pinyin. Here’s a pronunciation guide:
    (A q is more like a “ch” than a k.)

    In your show you mention, “There’s already a word for that it’s called rape.” which, as I pointed out in the comments, was explicitly stated in the article. 😉

    /Some dude hitting on you
    Yeah, that was weird. Gj, rape culture (A small part of a larger non-consent culture).

    I should probably point out that I wasn’t apologizing for the article, but the fact that it apparently did a poor job of highlighting the difference between the state and kink, consent. In your show you said, “The state is not consensual and that’s why it’s bad.” which is true, and maybe I should have lead with that, but I didn’t think that’s what made the article different from other statements about the state. As anarchists (and libertarians) we can say, “it would be bad if an individual did that” until we’re blue in the face, and rationally it’s true, but it won’t do much good unless people get the same emotional reaction to the state abusing someone as they do when an individual who is not an “authority” abuses someone. Most people, I think, recognize the fact that many things that would be kinky if they were consensual are abuse when they’re not consensual and have an emotional reaction to it. Saying “The state is abusive” can be a true statement, but it does not carry much weight if its meaning is not actually attached to the emotional reaction people have to other types of abuse not committed by “authorities.” I apologize if that did not come across in the article, not for trying to make that connection.

    /Either way it’s an op for learning
    Totally agreed. Conversation is good stuff.

    Like I said, I hadn’t seen a discussion of kink and the state. Does not mean it doesn’t/didn’t exist. The first I’d heard of you was from “Mistress Eliza’s” comments.

    Arguing about semantics it silly.

    /The original picture
    Yeah. xP The article was published w/o my explicit go-ahead and that picture wasn’t sent past me before publishing. The second picture was an edit of a pic I sent to the editor after the article was published.

    Good luck getting on stations. It sounds like tough work, but hopefully it’ll get easier when you’re picked up by a couple stations.

    /Toward the end

    Good point about child labor laws. The life of Carnegie is a really good example of that. ?No mention of the Fed screwing with incentives?

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