The State is Organized Barbarism




The Feens talk about Neanderthals and language and the start of the State, why we’d be safer without police, how Jimmy Carter aided terrorists, the very cool BBC comedy called Saxondale, the mockcumentary from Belgium called Man Bites Dog, and how in nanny states where you can’t have a gun – not only they want you to die – they want you to be totally dependent on the state to have a chance to live.

BBC Wrong Guy Interview, Short video, worth watching:

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5 Responses to The State is Organized Barbarism

  1. David Robine says:

    I love Saxondale!

  2. Saeid says:

    As far as Shia is concerned, There are no 72 virgin.

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  4. Mark says:

    Pictures like that used to make me laugh, but now I just find them creepy!

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