Armed and Peaceful



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi talk about the disconnect of how armed-and-violent police consider armed-and-peaceful citizens to automatically be “armed and violent.” The Feens discuss Neema’s day in traffic court (the first in a new series), a great review of the Feens, a statist’s bad review of the Feens, the Feens countdown to radio, the Feens on – “The Bible of Talk Radio”, kitties, the fame-for-being-famous Angelyne, pay toilets in LibPar, and “The Sorry State of Radio Station Websites”, article on GCN by Michael W. Dean.

Feens Armory

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8 Responses to Armed and Peaceful

  1. Gretchen says:

    See!? We must have entered another dimension. Jello being a hypocritical communist and the two parties arguing over how much to tax weed…..

    I may have missed the info… but how will I be able to listen to y’all after your on ‘radiooooooo’? Will you still include your torrents/shows on your website? I don’t like change! :} But am very happy for you folks and hope this will spread the message even further! Very exciting!

  2. Anon42 says:

    Ah MWD you were SO close with the Tokyo comment. Japan actually has buildings like Neema describes called “Love Hotels”. When Neema was grasping for words it felt like someone in North Korea saying “Wouldn’t it be great if you could have, I don’t know, some kind of private business or something provide food and clothing? Like you wouldn’t have tax dollars funding it and they would just sell clothes to whoever wants them? It sounds crazy but maybe it’s possible!”

  3. Anon42 says:

    Love it when you guys talk about other liberty casts like FTL or commie shows like DN! Gives an interesting perspective as opposed to the loyal fans of those shows.

  4. Isaac says:

    Great episode! I wish i could be happy, but Stefan Molyneux-in my opinion, the greatest libertarian/anarchist intellectual alive today, has cancer. Someone should contact libertarian billionaires to help this guy out. Does anyone know who the famous so=called libertarian billionaires are?


  5. Anonymous says:

    Once more for the “enforcers” of peace:

    Capability ≠ Intent

    Wouldn’t it make a nice T-shirt?
    You have my permission to make & sell them!

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