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The Feens Episode 210 is Episode ONE on RADIOOOOOOOOOOOO! It goes well. During the show, all around America the old talk show hosts get on the phone with each other in a big conference call about whether to retire, or to have the Feens droned. WORMS!

Guests include Ben Stone the Bad Quaker, and Cody Wilson – the printable gun guy.



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11 Responses to Radio Crammed Down Your Ear Hole – live radio archive

  1. David MN says:

    I caught on iTunes and I think I heard the GCN guy on one of the first breaks say something like, “You guys don’t need a lot of help”. What a great portent of future success.

    Love the show, love the leap to radio. Congratulations and keep it coming!

  2. matt says:

    Honestly, I wasn’t able to make it past the first few minutes — I’ll try again later after I settle down. But I was really brought up short by the gratuitous fracking pitch. IMHO fracking is not part of the free market because the negative externalities are not subject to any market forces whatsovever. For example, see all the private property owners in PA that have had their property values demolished by groundwater pollution. Please show me the market forces at work? Sure, an owner can sue, but the deck is stacked — just like its stacked against someone trying to get a fair jury trial instead of making a plea deal. A rigged justice system doesn’t just benefit the prison industrial complex, it benefits all kinds of crony corporatist agendas that profit from socializing their negative impacts — and because chemicals and pollutants are innocent until proven guilty, and because science has become a subjective morass for hire to the highest bidder, proving that your kid got cancer because of benzene in your privately owned well water is as expensive and rare as beating prosecution. And no, the Chinese solution of buying clean air in canisters is not the principled anarchist answer. Polluting someone else’s air or water is an act of aggression. Polluting someone else’s crops with patented GMOs and then suing them out of existence is an act of aggression. Period.

    • Gretchen says:

      I’m interested to hear any response by the Feens regarding fracking.

      I’m ignorant about it and don’t have a firm stance on either side, but am leaning towards it’s scary and I don’t like it.

      P.S. Happy and proud of you folks for your leap to radioooooooOOOO!

      • MichaelWDean says:

        yeah, we were just making cute word play. We need to do more research on it, but you may be correct.

        Note: I am not a geologist.


  3. JHaynes says:


  4. Anon42 says:

    And the adventure begins!

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  6. Mark says:

    The short version:

    Fuck, yeah!

    The long version:

    That was a great first show! The Feens and Ben introduced themselves to the larger world in a way that makes the basic position clear, and succinct.

    Ben did a particularly good job of dropping his mad science!

    It’s not easy, but I try to imagine myself as a newbie who is dissatisfied with the world, but unsure of the alternatives.

    Wait.. That’s where I was a year ago when I gobbled up User’s Manual and said “who the FUCK is this guy?” and found the Feens.

    I think some of the new people listening to this could be brought to liberty and see the alternative with your message, such as I did.

    I hope you guys are happy with how it went. I thought you kicked ass.

    Anyway.. Superb first show!

    Fuck, yeah!

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