Michael W. Dean spends his fifth wedding anniversary with his wonderful wife in the room while Michael tells Neema Vedadi the secrets to a happy marriage. Then Michael and Neema discuss how there’s just so much damn tyranny, they can’t keep up, information overload, Future Shock, Tyranny Shock, medical marijuana card holders prohibited from buying guns and ammunition while the gub’ming says pot has no medical use while at the same time Uncle Sam provides pot for some patients; why people keep calling Michael and Neema “true patriots”, the wonders of the TV show “Arrested Development”, how Ron Paul on the Daily Show helped finally drive Michael from minarchist to full-on anarchist, sun setting laws, the joys of starting a rumor that the game “Farmville” is a UN plot for Agenda 21, some leftie saying the “Guns and Weed” movie changed their tune on guns, gun books for kids,  Gould, Arkansas moves to ban free speech in private homes,  how if Texas is gonna pay tax money to murder you, they should at least buy you dinner, Metal Gear Solid 4 vs. Pong, Dead Kennedys and how much they rock, what it means to be an “incrementalist panarchist voluntaryist opt-in minarchist libertarian”, Horizontal Liberation, using the term “private world” for non-gov LibPar, how the government turned Michael’s teeth black, and why we’re posting Michael’s dental records above so he can be identified if droned for doing Freedom Feens.

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  2. Derek says:

    Here is an excellent piece by Walter Block on anarchism vs minarchism .
    On the Arrested Development front, good news:

  3. MichaelWDean says:

    Thanks Brian!

    I love Firefly, by the way.


  4. Derek says:

    Excellent ‘cast this week guys. Best podcast on the ‘net for Incrementalist panarchist voluntaryist opt-in minarchist libertarians everywhere.

  5. Loved this weeks cast, this is one of your best yet. A couple of things: The comment “the people are stroking their guns” reminds me of the TV show Firefly and its related movie, Serenity. If you guys haven’t watched that, check it out. Sci-fi/western (I know, weird mix, but trust me…) with a pretty strong libertarian streak and characters that love thier guns.

    On the topic of nuclear war and gaming, did you know the U.S. Army actually prototyped a nuclear bazooka back in the naive post WWII era? That’s either totally badass or frightening, or maybe both. Here’s the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davy_Crockett_(nuclear_device) It makes an appearance in the game Fallout 3.

    Regarding L. Neil Smith, he wrote an article titled “The Zeroth Amendment”, which takes the form of a fictional enforcement clause to the bill of rights, which states that any politician who infringes upon any of those rights shall be tried and hung publicly.

    Anyway, thanks again for what you guys are doing and keep up the casts!

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