“FreakBone 9000” – Album 81 by BipTunia. LISTEN FREE

RUN TIME: 73 Minutes.
RELEASE DATE: May 3, 2023

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All instruments, songs, production, mastering, and cover art: Michael W. Dean.

Made with two free VST synths made by the author, FreakBone 9000, and Microtone 5000, with no other instruments except drum programs.


  1. 1. Zesster C and Macedonian Bagpipe Overture
    2. DrumBox 220BPM 15-27 Gram-and-17TET
    3. The Werckmeister 3 in Concert
    4. FreakBone-9000 Demo 1
    5. 2 TET Tritones All the Way Down
    6. Zesty FreakBone Demo 2
    7. 11 ED3 Jump for Jump
    8. 4 EDO 20 EDO 960BMP Jaunty
    9. Eagle53 Phryg Penta Data Transmission
    10. Zesty FreakBone Improv in Six Microtonal Tunings

All songs are microtonal / micronal / xenharmonic


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Author: MichaelDean

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