3D Printed Freedom (Now With Extra Worms!)



The Feens chew on some worm thoughts and cysts and talk about why you should read more than the headline, statist billboards, State Electricians, as contrasted with non-state engineers making printable guns better than the first ones, and 3D printed food made from bugs, and of course, Biafra.

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  1. Hesperus says:

    When you guys started talking about cloacas it made me think of the first time I heard that word, it was on this delightful show that got canceled after 4 episodes, Andy Barker PI. He was investigating shoddy chicken and when he finally tracked down the government food inspector responsible and asked why he released dangerous food to the public he got a thousand yard stare and said. “Did you know that chickens give birth and defecate through the same hole, it’s called a cloaca, and it smells like this!”
    (Shoves his finger under the PI’s nose)

    Then he proceeded to use a bunch of fallacies to justify his criminal behavior and threaten the PI, his family and friends. A good summation of what government power will eventually do to a person

  2. Gretchen says:

    I heard last night that the blood alcohol limit is being reduced AGAIN.

    Latest ‘tyranny today’ in my tiny bit of rural Ohio: husband getting pulled over for going 58mph in a 55mph b/c he wasn’t wearing his seat belt. $86 fine. However, it was the first time he’d been pulled over and not asked if there was drugs in the car.
    Then, the county mowed our ditch AND about 40 plants that we planted 23-feet away from the ditch. I’m embarrassed to say I lost control of my emotions while speaking to the County Engineer. I wish it didn’t all make me so God damn mad. It’s not good for my health.

    Cool about Boston T. Party being interviewed – looking forward to it.

    Was pleasantly surprised to see this episode! Thanks for your time!

  3. Brutus1776 says:

    The Feens should lobby to get Cody Wilson and Defense Distributed to move to Wyoming and be the first test case of the Firearms Freedom Act.

  4. Mark says:

    First, I’d like to comment on Canadian health care. It has been presented as a marvel of public good, to be envied by the world. And yet, it’s one of the major bones of contention with every election. It is a completely socialized and centrally planned system. As such, it works about as well as one would expect.

    As Stephan Molyneux has pointed out, there are three countries in the world where one cannot legally sell or buy private health insurance. North Korea, Cuba, and… Oh, this pains me… Canada. If I wear a Canadian statist hat for a moment, I’m not pleased to see my country listed among those. The system seems to have improved in recent years. I don’t get sick very much, and rarely deal with it. Many people I speak to will say it’s better than it used to be. If so, it’s because the government has been shoveling money into it to satisfy election promises.

    I can see Obama Care turning into this!

    Fortunately, not everything comes under the umbrella of this socialist utopia. If my dog is sick, I can see a vet straight away. Same for my dentist. These things are not dominated by the government, and work far better. Laser eye surgery is a great example of what could be. After a consultation, I only had to wait a few weeks for surgery. On that day, I was in and out in a few hours, and had a comfy waiting room with coffee and wifi.

    Next, I’d like to comment on keeping your car in good shape. Boston T. Party offers good advice. Years ago, I spoke to a cop, and asked him what he looks for to pull over. He said “the one-eyes.”, which had me scratching my head. He explained that he meant any vehicle with a headlight not working. That is a nice, easy ticket to write if he felt like it. Also, he would usually find something else wrong, usually more serious. Often the registration wouldn’t be up to date, or lacking insurance, or maybe the driver was intoxicated. The non functional headlight would justify a fishing expedition, and something usually turned up. Even in my days that I call Statist Light, I preferred not to deal with police. The best way to not deal with them is to not show up on their radar. The best possible outcome for you is a break-even. You cannot win. And that’s in Canada, where the goons are generally a lot less goon-ish.

    There is a velvet glove, but the iron fist is never far away.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Good reply!



      • Mark says:

        That came from someone who makes a living and ‘fix my face’ money by writing. Thanks, man!

        • MichaelWDean says:

          That’s funny. I’m listening to yesterday’s pod cat, and heard myself say “‘fix my face money” literally ten seconds before you posted this!

          Listening to me talking about smelly pus right now. Worms!


  5. Byrd says:

    Enjoyed the new freedomfeens.com beats. Kitty Feet topped it off for me.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      I think I may post that as a freestanding MP3 somewhere. Several people have told me they dig it.


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