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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi ask “What if the Founding Fathers had added HASSLE DOCTRINE to the Bill of Rights?” Then they discuss the Mongoose Problem, Hillary Clinton admitting that the U.S government created and funded Al-Qaeda, the ramifications of the President now being able to drone any American to death, the problems of the minimum wage, why the Southern Poverty Law Center are worse than Joseph McCarthy, why the government is both trick AND pimp, more on UN Agenda 21, why some teachers say using white paper is racist, Red Dawn, narrowcasting, FCC part 15 Microbroadcasting, where you can buy an FM transmitter to possibly legally transmit up to a mile (if you’re not in the USA), hilarious statist horizontal enforcement against pirate radio and responses to that, why stealing should be called “taxing”, the unconstitutionality of alphabet soup gub’mint agencies, labeling people and sorting the world with Venn Diagrams, libertarian seasteading, libertarian whore boats, net neutrality, The Big Mac Index, FEMA’s Waffle House Index, how UPS service is better than the Post Office and how this shows why everything should be privatized, a list of California public officials charged with crimes, why Jerry Brown is still demanding California Uber Alles, White House can’t find Michael’s state Wyoming on the map, why many parents would rather have their kid die in war than be a live war protester, and how to get idiots out of your life and be happy.

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15 thoughts on “HASSLE DOCTRINE

  1. I suspect Patri Friedman would LOVE to talk to you guys about Seasteading. Looking forward to hearing that interview on your show.

  2. Digging the podcast. For a week or so there thought you guys took some time off. realized that my itunes feed was broken. Just as well though. was missing the vids you guys post with the podcast. Keep up the good work.

    ps. glad you started on the e-cigs. been using mine for around 2 years now.

  3. Got around to reading your “Users Manual for the Human Experience”, interesting read. The daughter from hell section was pretty heavy, sounds like Wes Craven should base his next Freddy type character around her.

    1. Not just well thought out and informative, also the second to top Itunes result under the search phrase “free state”.

      What’s cool is after listening to it again, I remember checking out most of these episodes a few years back while searching for Free State project podcasts. Your voice is unmistakable, and I was left with a really positive impression. You officially feel like an old friend, it’s a small world after all. Lots of tasty information nuggets, definitely worth another listen.

      I’m not sure why I didn’t follow the author of something I enjoyed back when not to mention why we can’t tell a podcast from an audio blog, etc. I wouldn’t worry too much because the internet is a fickle place where persistence prevails. Keep up the awesome works, cheers.


  4. Ha that’s a brilliant idea! I would do that but the only child of his I ever see is the one with Down’s Syndrome. He kind of does his own thing anyway. 🙂 Other members of my family though? Yeah, fair game.

    I shared the podcast with a friend of mine who’s interested in libertarianism, (more of a theorist though), and a buddy who’s about to join the SFPD and go all square on me.

  5. Cool man!

    May I recommend as payback to the statist uncle, turn any of his kids and grandkids on to Freedom Feens?



  6. Michael, Neema, thanks for another great cast. I have come to look forward to these all week.

    I had to laugh despite my indignation over the story about the statist threatening the pirate radio broadcasters. I had something pretty similar happen to me when I was 18. Some buddies and I had modded model rockets (Which we had forgotten about when we discovered girls…) in a manner not at all in keeping with their intended use, (I won’t elaborate too much on that…) and shot them off. Being typical teenagers we thought this was great fun, and I told a cousin about it at a family dinner soon after. My uncle is like the anti-radio guy, but is a rocket enthusiast. Total statist as well. His first response was to launch into a tirade about how kids like us ruin it for people like him who follow the rules, and followed up with a threat to call the sheriff and have me arrested. I’ll say my response was less than polite.

    Sorry, long story but the radio bit resonated with me. There are people who can’t stand to know that somewhere, someone isn’t playing by the rules they cling to, even though that’s not hurting them at all. It’s those kind of people that ruin it for those of us who just want to do our own thing, not hurt anyone, and be left alone.

    Again, I love the casts, and am sharing them with friends where I can.

  7. Mike and Neema,

    Excellent Podcast, thank you for taking the time to bring up topics many others refuse to discuss.

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