Bureaucrats Are Paper Goons



The Freedom Feens talk about fed goon raids a little too close to home, Neema’s (boring) adventures with Legal-Eeze, Bill Maher, marring the word “libertarian”, Bass traps are not sound proofing, “Siri, kill Flanders!”, Arrested Development’s warning about binge-watching might be cop out, P P Coin!, Before Gun (BG),  After Gun (AG)  – a phrase we should use….the date Cody Wilson actually printed a full gun changed the world forever, why THE COMMERCE CLAUSE should be called “THE INTERFERING WITH INTERSTATE COMMERCE CLAUSE”, taxes on illegal drugs, and why Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media proves that the smartest guys can have some of the dumbest ideas on how to organize the world.

Also, Michael Dean announces his retirement from being a filmmaker.

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8 Responses to Bureaucrats Are Paper Goons

  1. Anonymous says:

    Stop making that gulp sound all the time fucking hell

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  3. Gretchen says:

    In northwest Ohio, I am perpetually surrounded by a rotation of corn and soybeans.

    Thanks to you folks for making me think further (and differently) about what you refer to as the “great man theory.”

    Macs have a better resale value, and at least used to, have a longer motherboard life (so I’ve been told). I use a mac. I do graphic design, and frankly, I’m more used to the interface. And I never have to jack with that malware, Norton Anti-virus hoo-ha. I’m sort of arguing with you, but not really.

    There’s definitely something to be said about sending versatile files that can be opened on any platform. :}

  4. Jimmald says:

    Wait a second…are you saying that GCN doesn’t ALLOW you to say dirty words like “Anarchocapitalism” on the air?? Or is it just your own strategic disinformation initiative not to scare the old ladies in Wisconsin by using fancy words?

  5. Trevis says:

    What about gun training volume 2?!

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