The Government is Tapping Your Phones (We TOLD you Before! And You Called Us CRAZY!) – live radio archive



Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi say I TOLD YA SO! about everything going on this week in security news. Duh, The Feens have been saying it for two years, and Michael predicted this in 1996….The hippies knew it in the 60s and the JBS knew it in the 50s! Obama wants to be your federal father, why to get off Facebook, NSA is square, and why the government may want to kill you. Why Stossel isn’t a good libertarian, why Sean Hannity is a right-wing fake, and Pat Robertson is at least a consistent Conservative. And the insanity of cop agencies bragging “we raid a house a day.” Think if some non-public gang did that…bragged on YouTube, “We be running up into houses, doing a home invasion and kidnapping every DAY in this B.”

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7 Responses to The Government is Tapping Your Phones (We TOLD you Before! And You Called Us CRAZY!) – live radio archive

  1. Hesperus says:

    Sorry but I must disrespectfully disagree with your assertion that if the Feds wanted you gone that they would just grab you while on the way to a market or bar or wherever.

    They have spent decades “perfecting” the crude art of the no knock, frequently in the dead of night Gestapo raid and I don’t think they are capable of such subtlety as snatching someone while they are walking through a city park anymore.

    Well at least when it applies to US citizens in the US itself, foreign nationals in other countries don’t count.

  2. Garny says:

    Off the topic.
    Question for Neema: How would a Lois Lane like person, who unyieldingly seeks the truth and reports it do in today’s media news world?

  3. Anon42 says:

    HAL = IBM. Wow. It just goes to show every time I think Michael is getting stale and repetitive he whips something new and amazing out to blow my mind. Worms!

  4. Gretchen says:

    MWD…. I’m so sorry about your daughter. I’ve heard you mention it in a couple podcasts in the past. Heart goes out to ya, man.

    Neema – I commend your wife for wanting to get that cat spayed or neutered. An unbelievable amount of meowsies are euthanized b/c there are far more cats than people that want them.

  5. Brutus1776 says:

    If you get Vanderboegh on, you need to question him about all that conspiracy garbage he posted about Adam Kokesh on his blog. While I thought the OC march was pretty silly, Vanderboegh fell into the trap of literally posting information some people wrote to him about that said Kokesh is a code pink plant and Russian agent, funded by Soro’s and and The Obama-bots, to lead his Muslim followers on the last Jihad to install the Black Panther’s as the Caliphate. Between what he posted and the comments he allowed to be published on those blog posts, it was absolutely hilarious and seriously made me question his credibility.
    Critique the march and laugh at the restructuring of it, call Kokesh a cocky rich kid of a father who did some shady dealings….fine. But come on, a communist or DIA plant and whatever else they were saying?

    It was also quite comical Vanderboegh came out against the OC march considering he had one in 2010 right outside of DC, looking at the Nat. Monument that essentially failed because Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers pulled their support for the event. But the main reason I think the III% crowd who I generally admire more often than not hate Kokesh is because he is a loud mouth drug activist. The III% movements statism really shined through during this whole event.

    That being said, Vanderboegh’s CT speech, even though he isnt totally consistent, on smuggling was perhaps the greatest thing he has ever said/advocated.

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