Release The Artisanal Tardigrades (new BipTunia song, FINAL mix)

Final cut of song from upcoming BipTunia album 91, “Skipping Off the Atmosphere.”

Cave chanting by Sir Michael Higgins and a bipedal ape with a bad hip. Manipulated by MWD.

Higgy, as those of us who new and loved him called him, has passed, sadly. So this song can serve as a happy requiem for him, even though I never met him.

So, this is a sort of happy Gregorian chant requiem for a dead friend of a friend.

All other music and production, Michael W. Dean.

“Tardigrades” in the title because they can be found in caves, among other wet places.

I recently bought some and took some microscope video of them, then released them into the stream in back of our farm. They are helpful, not harmful. More microscope video I shot of one here.

They were 20 dollars for only a few, so I figure they must be Artisanal Tardigrades. lol.


Author: MichaelDean

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