Mike Vanderboegh Interview on the Freedom Feens radio show



Mike Vanderboegh (pronounced Van-der-bo – everything after the “O” is silent) is a controversial figure. He’s one of the granddaddies of the modern American militia movement, and founder of the Three Percent movement, who have been denounced by Bill Clinton on CNN. Mike Vanderboegh is a friend of the Oathkeepers and he is hated by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Mike Vanderboegh and David Codrea broke the story on the Gunwalker Scandal – Operation Fast and Furious. An LA Times reporter once called Mike “the Grey Eminence of the militia movement.”

The Feens agree with Mike on some stuff, disagree on some other stuff, and all in all it’s good radio.

Mike Vanderboegh’s blog is Sipsey Street Irregulars.

The Feens talk with Mike for over an hour then talk about some other stuff, including “Is AA responsible for its members’ actions?” and “Should half the state of California be arrested for living an indolent lifestyle?”

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8 Responses to Mike Vanderboegh Interview on the Freedom Feens radio show

  1. rustfether shakelfourde says:

    damme goode raedeo chaps, wat wat.

  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    Thanks for the interview, guys.

    I think Mike’s emphasis on “collectivism” being the evil to fight is, well, suboptimal, since humans naturally work collectively as well as individually, and this would be true even in a completely free society – maybe more true. Of course it depends on how one defines collectivism and collective action; I discuss it in this article:
    I am opposed to tyranny, not collective action.

    As to the Constitution, I think he is more on track here, but only because I started to look at some of the potential drawbacks of anti-constitutional action which many of us had promoted previously:

    Mike is completely correct on the unintended consequences of the ruling class not curbing their appetites.

    Sorry guys, I don’t buy the Socialist Security argument. It’s not recovering your own money. It’s compensating for a theft you suffered, by stealing from an innocent third party – or at any rate, accepting the stolen loot from the thieves. SS recipients need to face up to being on the dole, and then contemplate who put them there.

  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    I think it would be funny if his followers started chanting “Finish The Book” at one of his rallies. 😉

  4. MamaLiberty says:

    I’m very glad you are interviewing people like Mike. We are never all going to aggree. We need to agree to disagree and leave each other free to live as each sees fit, just without aggression.

    Would love to hear you interview someone like L. Neil Smith – and I can think of a dozen others as well. 🙂

    • The Federal Plant says:

      ^ I think ML just nailed it.
      I think Brian is correct as well…Street Fighters and Philosophers are both needed. There will be always be a conflict between them. Its just the way it is.

      I think Vanderboegh’s point about needing to be able to agree on basic principles and build coalitions is a very beneficial avenue to take. No need to sacrifice our voluntaryist/abolitionist bent either.

      Vanderboegh’s perspective on what will be coming down the pike if things stay the same is quite dead on in my view and I believe before its over, its probably going to end up messy.

  5. Brian says:

    Excellent interview. This is one of the best casts I’ve heard in a while. The conflict section was especially interesting. The liberty movement needs both street fighters and philosophers and I loved getting some of that contrast in focus.

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