Guns and Fungus: The Road to SWAT



The Feens talk about the crappy treatment of Adam Kokesh getting home-invaded, robbed and kidnapped for making a YouTube video while holding some metal tube, and the goons allegedly finding some forbidden fungus. Then the Feens wonder “Why is George Donnelly such a weenie about imposing the anarchy rules and making sure that all open-source activism flows through him?”

The Feens talk about Ben Swann, Michael reverses his ideas on Kickstarter, and the Feens explain assurance contracts and the provision point mechanism.

Then the Feens expand on David Codrea‘s idea that “Freedom is a technology” with the concept that “Techno-tyranny and hyper-militarization is a Cargo Cult reaction to the advanced technology of liberty (and advanced liberty technology) becoming pervasive.”

The Feens also re-brand drug- and gun-sniffing dogs as “liberty sniffing dogs.”

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5 Responses to Guns and Fungus: The Road to SWAT

  1. Jimmald says:

    Regarding things that I find extremely unpleasant but wouldn’t want to ban: That’s exactly how I feel about homosexuality. I wouldn’t want to interfere in people’s personal lives, much less would I want the State to do so, but neither do I support State Sanctification of such activities (and expansion of the State via expanded scope of such Sanctification). I’m sure I’m not the only one. Hey, just sayin’.

  2. Halsingen says:

    About the movie 2012 you were discussing, it is actually based on the Hapgood/Einstein theory about earth crust displacement, and I even think they aknowledge that in the beginning of the movie?

    • Hesperus says:

      My understanding was that this was being driven by neutrinos from the sun. Of course if the neutrinos were behaving like microwaves as they were portrayed in the movie we would all be cooked long before the crustal shift disasters started.

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