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  1. IkeFeen says:

    Like the show today, not much depressing government stuff so allow me to insert some with this reliving of an event that happened to a few friends.

    Some friends went fishing in lake in the middle of nowhere. Little did they know a criminal was watching them, hidden and silent. They cast their poles in and out of the still lake, not another human insight. Songbirds sang from the distant trees, the hum of a truck engine echoed through the dense forests and rolling hills. The low sharp sound of line being spooled as the four men reeled in their baits, looking for the elusive big mouth bass. It was a perfect day, 70 degrees with a cool breeze. Peace would not last though, after thirty minutes or so of fishing a voice came from the still trees. The men turned their head to see a man walking toward them, snapping sticks below his boot as he stomped from the treeline with his chest puffed out and a pair of binoculars in his hand. “Been watchin you boys” said the man with the now visible costume adorned with badges that shined brightly reflecting the perfect sunlight of that once peaceful day. The black outline of his large pistol stood out as an ominous cloud encroaching on a clear blue sky. “Let me see your permits and put those poles down” demanded the man now getting closer. The fishermen looked at each other and instinctively fumbled through their pockets. They had no permits and they knew it, they were caught. “Say, you boys been out in that boat over there?” said the man, taking off his round sharp hat which resembled a drill instructors hat and revealed a patchwork of hair combed over a large spreading bald spot. “In the boat? No not me.” said one of the men. “I saw ya, been watchin ya” said the man in the costume. “Since you boys aint got permits and that boat aint registered I outta be takin your buts to jail.” Astonished at the idea of going to jail for what the fishermen viewed as no crime at all, they froze. Knowing that psychopaths enjoy people groveling at them, one of fishermen bit his tongue and said what he thought would lesson this unjust agression: “We’re sorry sir, we didn’t realize we needed permits to fish, we aren’t keeping any fish we throw them back.” “Don’t matter!” boomed the voice of the man with the gun. The costumed psychopath then ordered them to stop fishing, and leave. He wrote them a ticket for not having life jackets in their boat. Seventy-five dollars was the fine. The game warden smirked: “I let you boys off easy, I coulda fined you a pretty penny, lucky I’m in a good mood today.”

    Such is the world today.

    • MichaelWDean says:


      And I like the non-government shows.


      • IkeFeen says:

        Me too. Like you said some time ago, your doing a show like you would if there was no government. Just sprinkle little seeds of liberty here and there, like you guys have been. Those seeds do grow, look what happened to me and my friends. We’re all ancaps now.

  2. Bernie says:

    Hey Michael,

    Great show. Your rant at Neema reminded me of something that I think you might like.
    Have you ever heard of a bunch of Youtube videos called “you suck at photoshop”?

    Here’s the main page


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