….actually, it weren’t. But that never stops ’em. The Feens talk about how “due process” to commit tyranny is now an app on Barry O-bomb-ya’s Crack-Berry,  more thoughts on the upcoming “legalization” of pot, truck driver beat up by police for not signing ticket fast enough, they’re not even trying to look democratic anymore – Cass Sunstein to serve on the NSA oversight panel, and “That thing looks like it eats Bearcats for breakfast.

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  1. Anon42 says:

    I’m not sure why Neema said France has troops in Northern Africa? All I could turn up on the Libya war was that Gaddafi blamed France in a speech and France was the first to recognize the rebels. Is there some oil thing and is France the one calling the shots?

    As for the thing about sources from a few shows back: I don’t really care that much about citations per se. BUT, it would be nice to have links to some of the stories you mention in case I want to learn more. I didn’t even know there was a planned Syria invason, so it’s going to be even harder to dig up info about stuff like the JSOC doing no-knock raids or that aspirin factory attack thing.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Seriously? Google autofils most of these searches when you search anything related:

      France will keep 1,000 troops in Mali for an “undetermined period” to fight al-Qaeda, the country’s defence minister said.


      Bill Clinton’s bombing of Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory:
      France will keep 1,000 troops in Mali for an “undetermined period” to fight al-Qaeda, the country’s defence minister said.

      Posts Tagged ‘JSOC’
      Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: What the End of U.S. Night Raids Means for Afghanistan

    • Anon42 says:

      I don’t know, maybe you’re just better at google than I am man. I searched “jsoc night raid” to find out if they invented it but all I got are current news stories about Afghanistan. Same with the france thing, when I tried “France libya” I didn’t get anything about French economic interests in Libya, just that they’d be “winding down” their troop level from 4000 to 1000. It’s not so much what’s happening now in X country as the context and how the state is getting worse over time. I mean I think the Drug War is where the night raids started too, so I don’t feel comfortable telling a square something else unless I have the facts to back up what I’m saying.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      “I don’t know, maybe you’re just better at google than I am man.” …That’s why we get paid the big bitcoin. lol.

  2. Hesperus says:

    When you were talking about ms Cyrus’s performance I had the image of a punk rocker slowly sipping tea with the cup shaking badly, talking about how horrified they were by that little pedobear show she did.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      lol. On later reflection, it was probably less “shocked” and more “jaw dropped, WTF????”


    • MichaelWDean says:

      ….combined with “oh my god this music and singing is awful, how did this win an award????” and “who the fark is this chick???” Because I know what Miley Cyrus looks like and didn’t recognize her as who she was, she looked pretty different. I thought it was that Aussie singer Iggy whoever.


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