Because Karl Hess, That’s Why


hess on gubmint

The Feens explain how Karl Hess influenced The Libertarian Party, Ronald Reagan, Barry Goldwater, Occupy Wall Street, The Tea Party movement, and everything any newly-minted AnCap has ever said. They they talk about Nick Zedd, police brutality, “Obama gonna buy me a war”, Colorado lawmakers lose recalls over gun laws support, the hilarious video Help kickstart WWIII, and of course, “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.”


Enjoy this PDF of a short essay by Karl Hess.

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11 Responses to Because Karl Hess, That’s Why

  1. Anon42 says:

    Raise your hand if you have a friend who thinks Hank is the “good guy” on Breaking Bad because ultimately at the end of the day he’s from the government and trying to put a bad guy away.

  2. IkeFeen says:

    getting it right(arriving at anarchism)…

    Imagine growing up if your parents already had it right, imagine if your parents were full on voluntaryists. Imagine never even believing in statism because your parents did’nt believe in it. That is happening now, maybe for the first time it is happening on a scale larger than it ever has. I am raising a peaceful voluntaryist. I really do not think that once you hear these ideas you can ever go back. There is basically no chance that these kids will ever decide one day that statism is the way, unless they are illogical but i don’t see voluntaryists raising illogical or immoral children.

    Was listening to Rush limbaugh today on the way back to work. There was an ad for a marijuana regulation information company, a company that helps new marijauana startups with dealing with the cartel. Seemed strange to hear it on limbaughs’ program, given he is conservative. Maybe the old timers are starting to realize that marijuana can treat their issues without killing their kidneys and causing them to grow a new face on the back of their head which causes suicide.

    Is the iraq war even over? I dont think it is, i bet there are still soldiers roaming around there.

    I’m really liking Hess, that school registering thing was fucking genius. It shows the true character of a witty anarchist. A 100% lean could be considered a death sentence.

    My wife has also converted, due to listening to the feens and BQ on road trips. She has also had some bad run ins with the cartel, once they searched her car against her will(with a 2 year old in the car) and another time they threatened her baselessly. She told me yesterday; “I dont like cops anymore and its your fault!! LOL, i smiled.

    Calling the bad guys cops is accurate. When ever i see a cop i tell my son it’s a bad guy. He gets it more than i realize. I told him about why he has to wear a seatbelt to save his life and he said: “Pleaceman come and take daddys car?” I said: “yea, police man will take my car if you don’t wear a seatbelt.” Then we were talking about why he cant bring his toy gun in the store(wife buys him toy guns, i’m against it and i throw them away when he forgets about them). He was like; “daddy, wanna bring my gun in ALLmart” I said; “no, you cant bring your gun.” He said: “Pleaceman hurt me?” I said: “yea, the police might hurt you.” He astounds me with his intelligence at times. In our current age, i feel like telling your little ones the cops are bad guys is good advice, when they get older, teaching them the best way to deal with cartel interactions would be advisable as well. I bet when Neemas’ is old enough to speak, she’ll say bad guy when she picks up a cop toy. lol

    Alex jones had stefan on, alex seems to becoming more and more anarchist and less minarchist. he still calls us “anarchi capitalists” though, lol.

    • IkeFeen says:

      *anarchic capitalists

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Regarding the ad on Rush’s show: Not all the ads you hear on a show are the show’s ads. Some are the local station’s, some are the show’s, and some are the network’s. Rush gets to name his terms more than most hosts, so more of the ads per hour are his than say, the Feens or FTL, but not every ad you hear on his show comes from him. That’s how talk radio works. I’d be willing to bet that ad came from the local station inserting it.


    • Anon42 says:

      I’ve wondered a lot about that IkeFeen, about whether having children is a good idea given the kind of statist world we live in. Do you really think once you realize peaceful behavior is moral and that uniforms don’t grant extra rights, there’s no going back? Reminds me of The Matrix and that guy that wanted to go back into the matrix in return for betraying Morpheus. It seems like even he was admitting as much, i.e. that once his mind was freed he could not return to the Matrix and believe in the illusory world it presented to him. So he was literally asking them to alter his brain and turn him into someone else who *did* believe in the Matrix so he could return to it.

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  4. Michigan Escapee says:

    lol. I thought those were photos of Neema for a second. I need more coffee. 😉

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