Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi kick the hornet’s nest and talk about how The Southern Poverty Law Center are big dumb doo-doo heads because they get millions of dollars for trying to paint non-terrorists as terrorists or enablers of “extremism” – people like Ron Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sheriff Richard Mack, Mike Vanderboegh, the Oathkeepers, the Gun Owners of America, the JPFO, and how similar organizations like Media Matters do the same thing to good people like David Codrea. Then Michael and Neema talk about how participating in politics is like going to the principal’s office, they have a discussion on praying for your enemies, Deism, carpetbaggers banning guns at city council meetings, why Obama and Bush are more like Stalin than like Hitler, more hilarious irony from the YouTube copyright auto-bot, prog rock like Genesis and Rush, how people outside the USA might be able to legally use this cheap FM radio transmitter, or this one that fits in your pocket, and how you can win a micro transmitter.

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  1. MichaelWDean says:

    Dog photos are fine for the Shrine of Feline listeners, as long as you’re in the photo, and have something that says Freedom Feens, a sign, a shirt, the website on your computer, anything.


  2. Garrett says:

    Bwahaha! That’s hilarious. But for realz… I’m a dog lover. Lol. But yeah I will. I still need to take pix of my Android streaming thing for you. It’s just wack, cuz my best camera IS my phone.

  3. MichaelWDean says:


    When you do, take a photo of you wearing it, have your pets in the photo, for our upcoming page, “shrine of feline listeners.”


  4. Garrett says:

    Well it seems MWD, that I need to spend more time at the top of your website instead of just commenting. But worms, Ima hafta order me something.

  5. Hesperus says:

    Hello all.
    Good show this week.
    I would have commented a lot sooner but I have been busy
    First of all about the Taurus judge and the public defender, you left out another statist sounding gun, the new governor from smith and wesson. A bit more well finished than the judge and able to fire 45 ACP in addition to 45 colt and 410 shot-shells. I first heard of it on Tom Gresham’s gun talk, he commented that if he were advertising it he would title it, ” the S&W governor, no pardons.”
    Interesting guns, but I wouldn’t recommend them unless you want something odd. What’s really weird is that the judge series became so popular that a lot of women who know nothing about guns got one as their first handgun and more than a few got bad wrist injuries from the heavy recoil and lack of training.
    Related to that the big thing I was wondering about was, I had an idea while I was watching one of those fancy Magpul training DVDs. There was a scene where one of the trainers hit the ground in the prone position and commented about how long the barrel of his gun was. All I could think that his M4 was nothing compared to a Mosin-Nagant or my personal favorite the Schmidt-Rubin. I had the idea of perhaps doing a training video with bolt guns as opposed to say ARs and M14s. Something to show how to operate cheaper weapons in a taticool, or just a competent fashion. Don’t really have the resources or the knowledge to do something like that myself, just putting the idea out there.  

    • Neema Vedadi says:

      I think a training video showing tactical use of bolt action rifles is a great idea. The mosin-nagant is one of my favorite guns!

  6. MichaelWDean says:

    We HAVE swag! There’s a link at the top of every page that says “Gift Shop.”


  7. Garrett says:

    I tell people I’m not antiwar, I’m pro peace. Just to kinda reiforce a positive Outlook.

    Oh yeah…and I feel like if you guys get some shirts and stickers made, some freedom feens swagger, you’ll be able to get a lot more FRNs coming in. It’ll also help get more exposure out there from your supporters rocking your gear.

  8. MichaelWDean says:

    NApster. lol…..

    I’m anti-ALL war, and anti-violence, except self-defense. I’m basically a hippie, except that I could and would put a bullet in someone in a heartbeat if they were trying to harm me or my loved ones. And I’m armed 100% of the time.

    The tagline of our podcast, “Anti-War, Pro-Gun” is something I came up with to describe my politics when people ask, and it works. The other things I used to answer (small-L libertarian, anarchist, voluntaryist, agorist, anarcho-capitalist, panarchist/minarchist, etc.) required too much explanation.


  9. Garrett says:

    Non-aggressionist, or… NAPster?

  10. Justin says:

    Still loving my VS E-Cig. Special thanks for recommending it. I’ve had it for almost a week now, and the only time I’ve been smoking regular cigarettes is when I’m waiting for the battery to charge. Planning on ordering the gigundonormous kit soon so I’ll have more juice on hand, and more cartomizers. Unfortunately, I only have 1 left. 🙁

    I tried using the FREEDOMFEENS discount code at checkout and it wouldn’t let me because my order wasn’t large enough. I guess I could’ve sent them an email and told them the ‘Feens sent me. Didn’t think about that. They did include 3 extra cartomizers free of charge though, so maybe they just knew . . . Spooooooooky. Anyway, I’ll be putting in a big order soon, and I WILL use the ‘Feens discount on that one.

    I was wondering though, do you think Mr. Smith might be interested in selling the rights to his technology to Apple? They could make an E-Cig with a built in music player. Call it the iPuff. 😉

    Myself, I’m thinking about hooking one of my model airplane engines up to a little generator and wiring it up to charge the battery in my Vaporsmith’s. I could have the world’s first gas/electric hybrid cigarette. 😉

    Hey treehuggers . . . Put that in yer pipe and smoke it!

  11. MichaelWDean says:

    “Worms to you as well.”

    I love the sound of that.


  12. Michael,

    Worms to you as well. I certainly will, and I appreciate the invite.

    Brian Anderson

  13. MichaelWDean says:


    Worms, sir.

    Let me know if you’re ever passing through this way.


  14. Loved this cast. I listen to you guys while running and had some good laughs. I found out about Attack Watch not long ago and entertained myself for a couple of days sending them well-meaning sounding B.S. spam to waste their time. I finally got bored with it and just turned myself in for spreading rumors about Obama. This outraged my mother, who, despite being somewhat trusting of the state externally, told me “they” would come after me. So far, so good.

    Loved the props for Mormons too. Neema, I thought you might have grown up here from your comments about Draper/Sandy and Spice. Funny thing, Mormons as a group have more reason to distrust the government than any other religion. How many other religious groups were allowed by the Federal Government to be driven from the United States by a tyrannical state government? I think all a lot of them need is to be woken up and find libertarianism. It actually really locks in with the idea that agency is a gift from God.

    On the Judge: I agree, screw this .410 stuff. If it weren’t for retarded nanny laws you know they would have put that baby out in 20 or 12 gauge, and it would be on my hip. (Well, sometimes anyway…)

    Anyways, that’s enough from me. Keep up the good work. I’m still sharing your stuff with anyone I think will listen.

    Brian Anderson, Gun-Loving Mormon Prepper, South Jordan, UT

  15. MichaelWDean says:

    Yeah, Goodenough is good enough. We weren’t hard on him, we just like his name.

    I like “anti-assholist.” Though I’m leaning toward “just-leave-me-alone-ist.”

    Vaporsmiths rock. And they do have them in non-nicotine, though I feel like nicotine is the whole point.


  16. Paul Bonneau says:

    Guys, over half the state of Wyoming are “carpetbaggers” or immigrants. And what is Free State Wyoming? 🙂

    Also, Keith Goodenough has a funny name (I always imagined campaign posters like “Goodenough for you!”) but he did introduce a bill for medical marijuana in the Senate so don’t be too hard on him.

    Sheesh guys, you are getting me thinking of trying those Vaporsmiths, and I haven’t smoked anything since the pot-smoking ’70’s!

    On FOIA, you know there was a time before FOIA. Actually I was amazed that FOIA happened, and it lasted far longer than I expected it to. Secrecy is very valuable to the ruling class.

    Anti-aggressionist? Well… How about Anti-assholist?

    • JR Bailey says:

      Used to play chess with Keith Goodenough……….he’s a nice guy but he’s still a Socialist, an Occupy Wall Street type in my opinion, and bottom line anti-capitalist…………….he should never be trusted with public office and the powers thereto incumbent.

      Great guy to spend some time over a chessboard with and a few beers.

      Wyoming is a civilized place to live……we’re the 4th Constitutional Carry State in the Union………………….and for those who don’t like this fact: bite me.

  17. MichaelWDean says:


  18. Jeff Campbell says:

    Media Matters was started by a group of very left leaning college professors and is funded by the Tides Foundation, a Foundation that is 100% payed for by George Soro’s.
    Over they ears I have heard nothing but anti-Gun rants from Soro’s but interestingly enough, if you read about some of his investments, he has a lot of money tied up in Remington Firearms and Winchester Arms. Things that make you wonder.

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