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Barack Obama killed an American teenager whose only crime was that he “should have picked a better dad.” (And if Obama had a kid, he’d look a lot more like that kid, above, than he’d look like Trayvon Martin.)  Obama has blown up wedding parties that had kids and babies at them. He is as much of a baby killer as George W. Bush or the US Troops at the My Lai Massacre. The Feens also talk about how Directed-energy weapons are real, you should be your own king, San Ban Fransisco outlaws chess, how rapists get away with rape because there is a government monopoly on justice, and how “Government shutdown” is a myth. Just shut down, already!

A letter from MamaLiberty

And Lupe Fiasco says “Obama is a Baby Killer”


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5 Responses to Obama is a Baby Killer – Freedom Feens live radio archive

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Thanks for the link, Michael and all.

    And did you hear about Madonna? Will be interesting to see how this developes.

    Madonna’s “Revolution”
    Madonna describes how after her last world tour she reached an epiphany moment and underwent a dramatic personal transformation. She wants to help people around the world discover and act upon that similar visceral longing or deep desire for freedom within themselves.

  2. Michigan Escapee says:

    Directed energy weapons eh? Only one problem with those, mainly is that anti-radiation rockets can be made out of junk materials, and old radar detector parts. 😀


  3. Ben Stone says:

    My new favorite quote; “Snails just happen.”

  4. Hesperus says:

    Wolves in sheeps clothing. Some years ago I saw an ad for something, (I can’t remember what) that featured a sheep in wolves clothing.

    I have looked all over the Internet for someone who has dressed up a sheep as a wolf.

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