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Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi poke the powers that be, from The President to the police. They discuss political prisoner good guy Adam Kokesh, Sheldon Cooper’s accent, the DBC Principle (“Don’t Be Cantwellian“), Stacy Litz, the proposed Peacekeeper Smartphone App Empowers The Community To Police Itself, the movie “Hot Coffee”, tort reform, forced arbitration, Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor’s Legal Fees, government Cost-Plus contracts, Gary North’s wisdom on economics, and Breaking Bad‘s ending (at the end of this episode, with spoiler alerts).

The Feens also coin a new glossary term, Cantwellian: “An obsessive need to see your name in print, or hear it spoken, regardless of the context.”

Adam Kokesh opens his jail-cast this week with “Hello my fellow liberty lovers and Freedom Feens”:

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14 Responses to The Freedom Feens Trip the Independent Thought Alarm

  1. Lousander says:

    Michigan has the same extortion racket called “Driver’s Responsibility.” The driver is responsible for paying the extortion.

  2. Paul Bonneau says:

    Neema, since you are in the “learning about kids” mode, don’t miss “How Children Fail” and “How Children Learn” by John Holt. Holt is one of the patron saints of the homeschooling movement, and these books really had an influence on me. And remember, every parent is an amateur, where kids are concerned. 🙂

    You don’t need firemen either. Just put sprinkler systems in homes, WAY more effective than fire departments and you would save money by not paying fire department taxes, enough to pay for the system. I did that on a house I built.

    For the shutdown, I sent this letter to the Cody Enterprise:
    Perhaps with the Yellowstone shutdown, the drawbacks of
    letting a morally and financially bankrupt government own
    and run it, are now becoming apparent.

    I was reading that there are still federal employees manning
    the gates, and the excuse for this was to let contractors
    into the park. I think their real job is to keep the rest of
    us out. If they really had no money, there would be no one
    at the gates and people could come and go as they pleased,
    just as they do outside the park. But then the people might
    discover that the park runs just fine without the feds, who
    as well would not be able to punish us for expecting fiscal
    sanity in government. Wyoming might even take over the care
    of the park, which it should be doing anyway if the US
    Constitution has any validity. It’s clear why they really
    don’t stop operating, in the sense a business does when it
    runs out of money.

    I advise the R’s in Congress, who allegedly have a smidge
    more fiscal sense than the D’s, to give up. We all know what
    is going to happen: The federal government will spend and
    print money until the dollar is worthless – and then blame
    it all on the free market!

    Let it happen! There is no reforming the federal beast. It’s
    time for more serious measures, such as revolution or
    secession – coming soon to a country near you, when the
    dollar crashes.

  3. Michigan Escapee says:

    lol. “Kicking the Hornets Nest” was kind of your byline. Still, I never heard of this guy before you mentioned him. He kinda reminds me of Alexander Bolt, the libertarian who defeated the rain tax in Michigan. That guy’s a raving lunatic too. Might be fun to hook those two up for a podcast, they could try to outcrazy each other. 😀 Maybe throw Jack Spirko into the mix to add a bit of derangedness, and severe ADHD to increase the comedy value.

  4. Ikefeen says:


    I don’t know what kind of device your using to call, but i have my iphone setup to where i can make calls in my car, hear it through my headphones and have it so that i dont have to hold it. If you could set up your calling system to where you don’t have to hold it with your head or your hand, it would take a lot of strain off your shoulder. Dialing with your mouse on skype and using your computer microphone and headphones would be ideal imo. Just my 2.

    Have you heard about the silk road? Its been taken by the feds. Lesson: those who have guns, are willing to use them and immune when they use them don’t need to crack encryption-they can crack skulls, literally. Thats how they got around VPNs and other forms of encryption. Although, the silk road guy was running the site in America, it looks like arrogance took him down.

  5. Attention Whore Hunter says:

    Chris – you sit around a basement in dirty wife beaters, insulting and screaming at people from behind a computer screen. To add insult to injury, you insult anyone who doesn’t agree with you. Your narcissistic and misogynistic ability to shit on intelligent women who you know you have no chance of even smelling from the other side of a room, gives me douchchills. The chip on your shoulder is larger than you can bear without the help of a vodka induced ego party…and it shows.

  6. No, to answer your question, listening to your podcast is a chore. It’s a lot easier to ask someone else to do that.

  7. I’m pretty sure you losers are only linking to me for attention yourselves, get off Ben Stone’s cock.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Chris Cantwell –

      I didn’t talk about you today for traffic, I talked about you because I can’t believe you outted people’s alleged crimes, people who invited you in and paid your way. Then you, in return, pulled a Stacy Litz snitch about it in a blog post. At least she had a government gun to her head. Whereas you enumerated folks’ alleged felonies and misdemeanors on a blog post for, I can’t fathom why, web traffic?

      I also talked about you because I’m astonished at your need for attention. It’s not a competition, and I like our fans. But sheer numbers don’t equal “good.” You scream “VIOLENCE!” and that’s always going to get a lot of attention. Besides, I think most of your traffic is from the DHS, and from angry postal workers stroking their bayonets. And members of street gangs when you’ve snitched on one of them in a blog post.

      Furthermore, you don’t have nearly as much attention as you think, and a lot of your posts are about how popular you are. Like this one:

      You have a custom Alexa toolbar you’ve handed out, right? That spews your ranking in your favor. So your real Alexa ranking, based on actual views, is probably over 1 million. Not great. (lower is better, Google’s Alexa ranking is 1.)

      Last year, for several episodes in a row, we told fans to install the Alexa toolbar, and drove our Alexa ranking from about what it is now down to 26,000 in a month. Then we found security issues with the Alexa bar and told people to uninstall it. It’s not hard to game the Alexa system, and you’re gaming their system by having people who look at your site install the bar.

      Your site isn’t nearly as popular as these other sites you checked. And all of them are podcasts or streaming audio sites, which most people visit once and subscribe to the audio via an RSS feed or an app. Those downloads don’t affect Alexa rankings, only visits to the website do. For Instance, the Freedom Feens is popular, but Free Talk Live is much more popular. FTL gets way more podcast downloads, via iTunes, than the Feens. But both sites have comparable Alexa rankings, which only measures unique visits to their websites.

      You’re a computer expert, you should do some research before you trust computers to make you think you’re a star. Alexa math is fuzzy math.

      Podcast downloads via RSS also don’t affect that little spinning globe on my site. (And it measures unique viewers, not hits.) I have it because it’s fun, and mainly so I can creep Ben Stone out by calling him on the phone sometimes when I see him viewing this site. (He lives in a tiny town and is our only fan there, most likely). lol. And you say the globe is lame, but at least it’s public, whereas you’re claiming you’re popular and backing it up with something that doesn’t mean much, but you believe it in your mind.

      I’m into making stuff I like, not into measuring worth by “views.” Ask around with our mutual friends: I had 4500 friends on Facebook and deleted my Facebook account because I find Facebook and its constant need for attention tedious.


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