Harry Truman and FDR Wore Dresses – live Freedom Feens radio archive



(Photo of young FDR in a dress courtesy of the BQDC Museum‘s collection in Ohio.) The Freedom Feens yack about the War on Guns, the War on Journalism, the War on Free Speech, the War on Drugs, gun safety, the War on Smells, problems with Democracy, the problem of the Commons, and how politicians and “law men” almost never play fair.

Also, a story about MWD’s 1993 band, Drive-By Crucifixion:


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6 Responses to Harry Truman and FDR Wore Dresses – live Freedom Feens radio archive

  1. Matt says:

    At the risk of pissing you all off, a follow up. The issue of air & water pollution is no joke, and states are going to get heavy about it (India, China first, I’m sure):



    I think it would be great if Feen philosophy had a good, market driven solution. IMHO, its one of the biggest problems the left has with the no-govt approach. Personally, I support private protection from chemical aggression, in the same way I do from physical aggression. Unfortunately, most of the liberty community seems happy to sweep this under the rug, giving reds everywhere a giant club to beat us over the head with.

    • MichaelWDean says:

      It is irking me that you are pushing my agenda hard of what we talk about. But I’ve added it into the notes. will try to get it.

      Pot smoke isn’t toxic, but yeah, we’ll address the “Who would save the air” question.


  2. Anon42 says:

    You heard it here first folks. Star Trek character says “There is more to life than duty to the state!”.


  3. Matt says:

    smells: think it depends on ifn’ smell corresponds to a volatile toxic. putting volatile toxics into the air is aggression imho. paper mill steam is full of dioxin. on other hand, many trendys will fight to shutdown coffee houses that roast their own, which is (like pot) silly b/c there is no corresponding a volatile toxin. again we come to the uncomfortable issue of the commons. do we feens believe the air should be private? thats where china has gone. if we believe we have a natural right to breathe air that doesn’t sicken us, how should the market deal with that?

    • MichaelWDean says:

      Without the government we’d all each have at least 100 acres. You’d never smell your neighbor’s pot smoke unless you were at his house smoking it with him.

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