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DJ Silencer and MC Choreboy (Michael W. Dean and Neema Vedadi) spit about the politics of Blag Dahlia – singer in the band The Dwarves, why “English Only” or “English First” laws are square, why PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE REALLY JUST AN EASEMENT, why there are drones in US cities, non-lethal drones, hummingbird spy drones, and recruiting battlebot makers for government-sanctioned murder. They talk about why statism is lame, statism is wack, statism is busted, why L7 was the name of the “statebot-2000” computer in “Demolition Man”, THE LIBERTARIAN GAME OF LIFE, how The Patriot Act = a series of laws that make it easier to spy on patriots, why arguing in favor of The State, in ANY way, is the literati version of a redneck bubba saying “USA! USA! AMERICA, HELL YEAH! LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! THESE COLORS DON’T RUN!” – It’s EXACTLY the same thing, just stated in different verbiage. They discuss Bit coins and how they’re “mined”, Samizdat, Joe Paterno, Kansas outlawing the PRACTICE of evolution, and why Ben Bernanke says that any criticism of the Federal Reserve is based on “misconceptions. Then Michael and Neema read Fan mail from Croatia, discuss gun laws in Croatia and Italy, and answer the age-old anti-libertarian arguments “Who would take care of the roads?”, “Who would protect the environment?”, “Who would protect the infirm?”, “Who would take care of the children?”, “How would schools work?”, “Who would keep corporations from being worse than government?”, “Who would protect me from bad guys?”, and “How would I get health care?”. Then we learn about PINUPS FOR RON PAUL.

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  1. Michael W. Dean says:

    Good stuff Hes, and thank you for the info! Rock on sir.


  2. Hesperus says:

    Curious coincidence, another podcast I like, we hate movies talked about demolition man last week. They were reviewing the movie judge Dread and inevitable comparisons came up between the 2 movies. They hilariously stated that they would much rather live in the demolition man scenario than the judge Dread scenario. But when the subject of fining people for cursing came up they realized that they would probably be executed for their foul mouths. They also talked about how in judge Dread there was mayhem beyond belief starting with something called block wars. Which I guess is wars between city blocks, one of the reviewers said, “this city f-ing sucks. There is murder and rioting every ding dong day. [For some reason that really tickled me, every ding dong day]. This is such a fascist police state, why is there still a second amendment?”. Well if you were in a society where the law consisted of “Judges” who ran around shooting whoever they bloody well pleased, wouldn’t that be a heck of an incentive to acquire a weapon? No matter what it would take, i.e. breaking the law and/or paying through the nose? Never mind that outside a couple of megacities one has a total post-apocalyptic wasteland that makes Somalia look like Hawaii.

    About silencers/suppressors, if you have the money or the desire I highly recommend them. They make shooting a lot more pleasant, and while you may not like the thought of sending sensitive info and 200 bucks off to the ATF they probably already know all they need to know about you and the rapid expansion of the NFA community is hurting the ATF. Simply put they can’t handle the paperwork and it appears that it is causing them to go so completely insane that they are buckling under the pressure. Thus all this scrubbing pad, shoelace, gun walker nonsense, when you get right down to it we outnumber the fed goons, especially the ATF by a considerable margin.  

    Oh and Ruger is a different company since Bill Ruger died, they are making factory new 25 round mags for the 10/22 now. They are also making an AR15, an assault rifley bolt gun called the Ruger scout rifle and high cap mags for the mini 14/30 now. Along with a nice, but heavy 1911, perhaps they might even make that elusive inexpensive gas piston driven AR-10 style weapon I really want.  

    And the whole clips/magazines thing, the Brady campaigns cause du jour at the moment is banning hi capacity assault clips, whatever the flying fornication they are.

    Oh and those observations about liberals views on armed revolution, brilliant. And some are occupying federal reserve facilities.    

  3. MichaelWDean says:


    San Francisco has a 1% tax for staying in a hotel on top of whatever their lodging tax is.

    The 1% goes to PUBLIC ART! And San Francisco art tends to be horrible and abstract and ugly. Or if it’s representational art of any kind, it has a message of gays-are-good-straights-are bad and/or pro-one world / pro-socialist etc. etc. blah blah.


  4. Paul Bonneau says:

    War on Christmas Trees: Michael, you may not be aware of it, but the whole lodging tax in Wyoming is the same kind of scam. You have to pay up to 4% lodging tax, depending on county. This money goes to a state fund allegedly to promote tourism to benefit the motels having to impose the tax. Of course where it really goes is to various agencies with insider connections that put out a tourism ad now and then to justify their sucking the government teat. There does not appear to be any competition for these funds; they are just awarded to the same agencies year after year. The only piece missing from this puzzle are the kickbacks from the agencies to bureaucrats and politicians, but it would be naive to imagine it doesn’t happen. I suspect people will just get around this one by going out and poaching a tree from the government forests.

    Don’t worry about OWS folks being off the mark. The sound bite interviews you are hearing on TV are probably carefully selected. Ministry of propaganda…

  5. MichaelWDean says:

    The Freedom Feens are commie pinko fags. They need to listen to Hannity and love it or move to France.

    –Some Trucker.

  6. Garrett Fox says:

    Ahh that is a good one… or “Statism is so square”.

    I encourage you guys to attempt a live show. I think you would enjoy the real time interaction with your listeners.

    Oh and I enjoyed your couple of calls on FTL. I didn’t realize the FreedomFeens where commies. 😀

  7. MichaelWDean says:

    Fusion Centers. Whee. I feel safer already:

    I like that bumper sticker I saw that says “When the actual terrorists attack again, remember the feds were busy watching me.”


  8. Michigan Escapee says:

    The feds tend to farm out a lot of the spying duties these days, be it to fusion centers, or to individuals who sit around in basement apartments sifting audio streams for juicy bits worth putting in the weekly snitch reports. Generally it would probably have to be something along the lines of Louis Farrakahn or Lindon LaRouche levels of craziness.

    Or something like how the feds really hate it when people write DIY books on how to make a cheapy V-1 rocket clone. 😉

    Possibly you could always mention that nut in Maine who almost built a dirty bomb.

    Old news though, and you’d still have to get something wacky enough to cut through all the occupy wall street noise and EU banking failures.

    As to the whole silencer thing, just getting subsonic ammo kills most of the racket. If you need to kill possums and don’t want to wake the neighbors, .22LR CB rounds run about $15 for a hundred. Pyramyd Air also makes an interesting assortment of lethal toys for larger varmints such as coyotes, norway rats, etc. Usually pretty limited in noise with the exception of the Sam Yang Dragon Claw in .50 cal. All of those are reasonably low cost ways to keep the noise down without having to deal with silencer laws.

  9. MichaelWDean says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Brian.

    Bleah, that ad is pretty bad. Ugh.


  10. Great cast again you guys. Timely too. You guys were talking about seatbelt laws, well we have a doozy of an ad campaign here in Utah with the most statist, nanny sounding trooper I’ve ever heard threatening people with tickets if they don’t buckle up. It uses the same tired old arguments as before but the condescending tone is what grabbed me. Here’s a link,:

    I got a nasty taste in my mouth the first time it came on my radio. It was the taste of square…

    Brian K. Anderson

  11. Derek says:

    Neema, the coach on TV with the lisp isnt Paterno, its Lou Holtz, former head coach for Notre Dame.

  12. Derek says:

    “But how will the cotton be picked?” – 1850s response to Abolitionism.
    “How will we have roads, police, etc…?” – 2011 response to Anti-Statism.
    The correct answer now is the same as then: “It doesn’t fucking matter as long as it’s voluntary.”
    If something is truly NEEDED it can and WILL be provided voluntarily.

  13. Garrett Fox says:

    Great stuff feens. What is this about a saturday show?!? Tell us moar.

    • Derek says:

      I didn’t hear anything about a Saturday show, but if it means you’ll do one, I’ll lie and say I did. I’ll say i heard something about a LIVE show on Saturday for that matter.

      worms to your mom.

      • MichaelWDean says:

        I think you were thinking of the Micro Effect. Some of their shows are live, ours isn’t.

        Neema and I have been lazily discussing doing a live show once a week in addition to our weekly pre-edited podcast, but I don’t think we’ve discussed it the show, so only the Feds who bug my phone know about it. Not that you’re one, of course, I know you ain’t. But maybe you’re psychic? Or maybe we did say it on the cast and I forgot?

        I can’t keep up with all the memes we throw in the stream sometimes.


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